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  1. Katie

    Okay, this is the CUTEST idea I’ve ever seen! Love it! And love the blog!!

    ps – I answered your question on the comments of my site. ūüôā

  2. Katie

    irbas – to answer your question…yes. And I loved hummus before it was “cool”. LOL!

  3. I will absolutely eat about anything when there’s lemon involved. It is my favorite thing and the happiest flavor there is. This is my dream dinner. I mean WOW.

  4. Esther

    Absolute delicious looking
    All those fresh ingredients makes me want to be in your kitchen to smell all the aromas.
    I must say that pasta with lemon flavour is one of my favorite pastas, I brought some back with me from Sorento in Italy along with a bottle of lemoncello it was yummy.

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