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  1. Katie

    OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    2) I’m so sorry about the half marathon…but on the bright side. You are going to have a HILARIOUS story to tell for the rest of your days! 🙂

    Feel better soon!!

  2. Kootz

    hey whoever said running wasn’t a fierce sport lie. ive been tripped during races, and am guilty of cutting people off during really tough xc races… i try not to do this during road races since not everyone is in it to win… ahh i sound like a bitch

    also drafting off of people. yes during the half marathon i did in march there was a windy part by the water and I was totally on some dude’s shoulder using him to block the wind. he turned around to me, and several others that had the same idea and was like cool you’re effing using me to draft off of.

    sorry about the injury. I mean at least it tested your future hubby’s dedication to you. not that you ever doubted that but perhaps you can find the good out of the bad. take care of that ankle and get pumped for your next race!

  3. PB

    Wow – I like hearing everyone’s comments!!! Definitely good to have some insight!!

  4. Cara

    wow that is ridiculous! At least you have a sweet fiance to help you through it!

  5. Oh my GOD my heart goes out to you!!!!!! What a horrible thing for someone to do to you. I was also worried about potholes yesterday (that were filled with water). I can only imagine how upset you were. I am so glad that you were able to laugh about it at the end (even if it was a result of tha painkillers- haha!).

  6. Awww! I’m sorry, what a crazy disappointing experience. But it is sweet that you got to see the caring and love of your fiance in action, that’s always a good thing!

  7. Mel

    🙁 That stinks! I’m glad you have such a caring and supportive fiance. I hope your body heals quickly and your ring can be fixed.

    People stink in races, they only care about themselves, which is sad. Glad you had support there with you. You would have be fine if it weren’t for the jerk having no course ettiquite. Running ettiquite, especially in races is definately decreasing as I run more races.

    I got tripped in the last 1/4 mile of the RNR Dallas Half last year. The guy who did it never turned around or helped me. I got up all bloody and battered and finished ahead of him. I was fortunate to only have Unfortunately first aid was lacking, they handed me a bandaid and that’s it. I was gushing blood from my elbow, hip, and knee. I have some nice literal “battle scars”. They healed, but the hole in my hip took almost 2 months 🙁

    There will always be another race. I know it stinks, but at least you have a super amazing fiance to get you through this hurdle. I think everything happens for a reason…maybe it was to show you just how great your marriage will be. To show you he’ll always pick you up when you fall, even when it’s literally…

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