7 Responses to “The cupcakes were a total success!”


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  1. HangryPants

    They look fantastic! What a sweet gesture.

  2. loveofoats

    these are SOOOO cute & adorable… what a great friend you are!

  3. Mr. Penguin

    Oh my god – you are the best!!!!!!! 🙂

  4. Nadine

    oh, gosh, and you didn’t even HAVE one? They are BEAUTIFUL!

  5. RhodeyGirl/Irbas/Sabrina

    hangrypants (love the name)-
    THANKS!! It was actually really fun to do.

    loveofoats- i love duckies!!

    mr. penguin- one day I will make these for our little penguins hahahaha!

    nadine- nice blog!! and no, i didn’t have one, because I don’t even LIKE cupcakes. there, i said it.

  6. Katie

    They look delicious and they are SOOOo super cute!!

  7. Yay! You did such a good job. 🙂 And you say you can’t bake. 🙂

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