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  1. I love your dishes – where did you find them? -if you don’t mind me asking : )

  2. rhodeygirltests

    Sammie- TJ Maxx! (aka Home Goods, depending on which store you go to). They have zillions of cute bowls and dishes right now for the fall season and beyond. The bowl was $3.99 and the plate was $6.99 I think? And both are dishwasher and microwave safe!

  3. Cold weather affects me “weirdly” as well Be careful with your ears ringing though!! Make sure the iPod isn’t too loud or anything.

    Fun bowl of oats!

  4. That oatmeal sounds soooo good… Take 5 bars are AMAZING!!! Luckily I hardly ever see them around, but Halloween is coming up…and I have a weakness for miniature candies.

  5. Saw your comment on my blog – of COURSE you may add me, thank you!! You’re on mine as well 🙂

  6. same thing happens to me!! i LOVE running in cooler weather but it really messes with my ears.. i might invest in one of those cool fuzzy headbands hahah.
    great idea adding pretzel sticks to your oats- i never would have thought of that!
    happy wednesday!

  7. Emily

    Two things: 1. I totally get the itchy legs, but I get them while I’m actually walking outside when it’s cold and my legs are warm. I looked it up once and it has something to do with circulation.

    2. You and my FH share an obsession with Take 5 bars 🙂

  8. Congrats on the abs! I just got definition too 🙂 It’s pretty awesome.

    That oatmeal looks AWESOME. I adore Take 5 bars, but I never have them, and this looks like a perfect way to indulge that craving.

  9. rhodeygirltests

    VeggieGirl- the weirdest part is that I can barely even HEAR my music (I like to hear if there are cars and also the birds + wind). And it only happens in cold weather. so bizarre.

    Bridget- I LOVE mini candies and the only time I eat them are around Halloween since they are all over the stores!!! and maybe valentine’s day too?

    Gina- the pretzel sticks gave the oatmeal and awesome crunchy salty aspect. Definitely good for days when you run out of ur granola planks and don’t have time to stock up!

    Emily- I can’t even think about Take 5 bars anymore. No MORE allowed! haha. They are so good! (even though i get a bellyache from the nasty sugar etc)

    maggie- you seriously need to try this. it was. SO GOOD. and if you really like caramel (which I am not in love with) I bet a little drizzle would do wonders!

  10. What a great idea! The oatmeal looks wonderful.

  11. norak82

    wowwwwwww!!!! what a great idea!!!!

  12. Glad I found your site.I am exactly 5’7″ and I weighed 167.Now I weigh 157.Your blog motivates me to have a healthy diet..Thanks.

  13. hi
    good luck

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