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  1. PERFECTION!!! Great recipe for the Blogger Secret Ingredient challenge, for sure.

    The muffin looks so chic on that black & white plate 😀

  2. Miz

    whats the EASIEST WAY to dice?

    the path to least finger injury?

    Miz, who isnt kidding!

  3. YUMMY! Those look gorgeous! Thanks for the blog love. 🙂

  4. Nice low calorie treat! Great recipe 😉

  5. rhodeygirltests

    VeggieGirl- thanks! the set is a really inexpensive one from Target.

    Miz- I like Erica’s idea, but I honestly am too lazy to clean things like a chopper so I prefer to dice them myself. This is how I do apples:

    1. wash and cut into for segments
    2. cut out the seedy part and peel
    3. take each 1/4 and cut it into two pieces (top and bottom)
    4. cut across the long way for all of them
    5. cut across the short way next
    6. remove one hand from the cutting board. with other hand with knife in tow just start chopping away.. in other words, i kind of just drive the knife down into the pile of apple, and every few seconds scoop the pile together so that I can chop more.

    Does that make ANY sense?

    I do the same pretty much with all fruits/veggies, but I also helped my mom growing up and learned how to avoid cutting myself and to do things quickly and efficiently (after many many years of cuts and such)

  6. LOVEMUFFIN!! Helloooooo!

    Goodness Me, it’s been TOO long! I miss you! When can we get together???! These muffins look SO yummy! Mmmm’Mmmmm! Baked apples = my fave taste ever. Cinnamon + Warm apples… Mmmm!

  7. The same thing happened with my Cranberry Fig Muffins that I made last week… not sweet at all… but at least yours are still pretty good!

  8. Great use of the secret ingredient!

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