12 Responses to “BSI Submission: Rotini with an Eggplant Salsa”


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  1. yum-o 🙂 i tried to stay away from dibruno’s, knowing that i would spend waaaay too much money!! glad you enjoyed!

  2. WOW! I love the eggplant salsa idea!!

  3. So glad that you and PB had a fun Saturday!! Hope that all of your SUNDAY is just as enjoyable 🙂

    Amazing BSI dish!! Love it!!

  4. Looks great girl! I’m glad you found some cool stuff while shopping! I can’t wait to see all the BSI recipes!

  5. Looks awesome. Gosh I am psyched to start making some new healthy foods. Where to begin?


  6. Eggplant salsa! I am mighty impressed!

  7. that looks wonderful! so glad you’re having a fun weekend 😀

  8. ooo delcious! I love all the BSI recipes!!

    Kelly Turner

  9. YUM! I LOVE eggplant!

  10. Wine and cheese and pasta? YUM.

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