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  1. Looks like a fabulous meal! Sounds like you have the preparation very organized.

  2. Looks like you’ve got a good plan! I’m the same way – I have to make lists and to-do’s for everything 🙂 Organization is key!!

    Everything sounds delish – mind if I come 😉

  3. This menu looks really well thought out. Good luck!

  4. This looks great!! Your list looks like a smart step-by-step to make sure you get everything ordered and prepped. One veggie I like are artichokes?? I know they are relatively easy b/c you steam or boil them, so that’s a suggestion :D!

  5. Gorgeous tree; scrumptious menu!!

  6. I see sushi, shrimp, champagne risotto, and french bread. Sounds like the best Christmas Eve menu ever!!

  7. oo entertaining is so fun! the champagne risotto sounds lovely!!

  8. Veggie suggestion – butternut squash fries. I know they’re not the most elegant dish, but I introduced my dad to them recently and he could not stop raving about them.

    I like making my own cocktail sauce so I can put extra horseradish in it 🙂

  9. always good to be prepared!! looks like quite an undertaking, but with planning, it will be much easier 🙂

    you’ve got two salads, mushrooms, and zucchini… what about some roasted root veggies (you could throw parsnips or other various roots with the more common ones and i bet no one would pick them out!)

  10. WOW!! you are so prepared.. i love it! i want to come!! 🙂

  11. maha maaita

    hi sabrina, I remember that night u made a great salad with fig balsamic vinegar dressing but i cannot find the recipe, can u plse post it again, thanks a lot.

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