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  1. Great post! I have started logging my weekly spending on groceries, so I will be keeping these tips in mind.

  2. Fabulous tips, thanks!!

  3. Thank you for the helpful post. I will definitely be referring to your tips this month!!!

  4. tfh

    Thanks for the tips! I definitely fall into the trap of impulse purchases when I run to the store to get “just one thing…”

  5. Meg

    Great tips! Thanks!

  6. I always go with a list and stick to it. And, I only go down the canned veggie and soup aisles. No candy or crackers for me! ūüôā

  7. thanks for this!! after moving to my new apt. i definitely need to watch what I spend like CRAZY! not that i dont already, but my rent will be much more! eeep.

  8. C

    Your blog seems very well organized and real. Thanks.

    I am in a wedding later this year and found out I am pregnant. When I ordered the dress I wasn’t planning to be 20 weeks pregnant so I now need to order a new dress. How many inches do you think you gained between week 6 and 20 in each of your pregnancies?

    Thank you,


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