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  1. I went there once for a work function! I love the whole Rittenhouse Sqaure area. I totally agree about the environment and atmosphere of a restaurant contributing to the dining experience.

  2. That looks like such a nice lunch and you two obviously enjoyed the company. I completely agree that it’s all about the person, not the tasks. You guys are really cute together!

  3. WOW! Sounds like a great Valentine’s day lunch! Egg and crab cake does sound like an unusual combo- but I bet it was great!

  4. You + PB + V-Day celebration = perfection.

  5. How fun! You can tell just by looking at the picture of you how much fun you were having!

  6. Those eats look fabulous! I grew up outside of Philly, and my parents still live there – I’ll have to recommend Lacroix to them.

  7. Looks so tasty! You’ve got it absolutely right about it not being just about the food, too.

    Also I used your spice mix a few days ago by sprinkling it on some chicken breasts and then cooking them in the George Foreman- SO good!

  8. Meg

    Thanks for sharing! Looks like an amazing time with some awesome food!

  9. wow, what a great valentines lunch!
    that crabcake with the fried egg on top resonates deep to my heart! fried egg is THE perfect adornment to anything, in my opinion!
    glad you had a good day, and thanks for the awesome food porn!

  10. What a fabulous lunch! That place looks awesome 🙂

  11. Never made it there, but it looks delightful 🙂 especially with PB as company!!

  12. norak82

    eee!!! glad to hear you enjoyed it!!! i love that place 🙂

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