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  1. Fabulous!!

    Rock out that test!!

  2. they have a rita’s in orlando, fl!

  3. Great tips! Have a good one!

  4. Looks great!

    Good luck on your test 🙂

    (btw, i’ve added you to my blogroll – hope that’s alright.. I just got my blog up and running- finally! I’m a fellow BRIDE-TO-BE! yay!).

  5. hope your test went well! i almost ran to wf to check out my larabars, woohoo 40cent coupons!!! thanks for the heads up 🙂

  6. Meg

    Great tips! Hope your test went well!

  7. I would do horrible on one of those guess the calorie challenges b/c I always underestimate. Terrible.

    Also, we have a common non-blog friend on facebook.

    I hope the test went well.

  8. Mmm thanks for the tips, I usually just make mine in the microwave in the morning but making them the day before is a great idea.

  9. I somehow don’t like the texture of reheated oats for some reason – yours look good though!

    Although eggs are my usual breakfast go to!

  10. mmm ive never thought of making a big batch of oats to reheat later, what a good idea!

    hope the test went well!

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