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  1. LOVE lentils!! Thanks for posting the recipe!

  2. That recipe looks amazingly similar to my moms! She puts cumin in hers… SO GOOD!

  3. God, I love lentils. This recipe sounds out of this world. I’ve never made lentil soup on my own… I really need to experiment more!

  4. I love lentils, they are so good for you and super cheap!

    Great recipe, it looks like a comforting dish on a cold day!

  5. Jessica

    This soup looks great! Do you know the calories and how many servings it makes? Thanks!

  6. Jessica-

    The ENTIRE recipe has the following:
    Calories: 788
    Fat: 16 g
    Carb: 119 g
    Fiber: 52 g
    Portein 45 g

    And it made about 5 HUGE bowls, so for 1/5 of the recipe (1 huge bowl) it would have 158 calories

  7. thanks for sharing!!!

  8. That soup looks amazing!

  9. Mmm looks awesome! By the way I tried that mashed cauliflower you were talking about, and wow it was amazing. I loved it!

  10. I’ve been obsessed with lentils this month! Maybe next week I’ll try the soup. I like the lemon addition.

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