20 Responses to “A Day Alone In Manhattan is Risky Business. Oh, and a trip to Josie's NYC”


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  1. traveleatlove

    That dress looks great on you! You are lucky to have such great hair color and complexion to look good in red! Love the shoes too. . . I am loving peep toe shoes right now!

  2. CHIIIIIC dress!!

    Sorry about your experience at Josie’s 🙁 Bummer!

  3. I love those shoes! So cute! The dress looked really good on you! Sorry about your not so great brunch experience!

  4. looks like a lovely day – I love days to myself like that sometimes!

  5. Sorry you didn’t have a good experience there. The dress was pretty though.

  6. Dresses look great!! Sorry to hear about your negative brunch experience.


  7. So glad you had fun in NYC! I’m with you on Josies, I think there are much better places for your money and it never really feels “healthy” to me. I love the shoes & the clutch. Stuart Weitzman is always my go to for formal shoes. My wedding shoes were his, and my mom wore those shoes you got, to my brother’s wedding in red, love them!

  8. I actually like the dress!!!!!!!

  9. Sorry about the bad restaurant experience! That would be disappointing – the bread looks yummy though!!

    Nice buys!!

  10. the clutch is so pretty!!

    and even if you didn’t buy the dress- YOU LOOK STUNNING IN RED! amazing!

  11. cookingforaveganlover

    You look so pretty! i love your outfit and accessories

  12. You looked beautiful in the dress, but I know what you mean about not feeling that something flatters you (not that I think it didn’t flatter you – just thinking of my own trying-clothes-on nightmares!).

    You must let me know the next time you are in NYC! I’m a city girl now! 🙂

  13. Nicole

    I hate to pay more than $6 for breakfast out. It should be the cheapest meal of the day!

  14. rhodeygirltests

    Nicole- I actually agree with you, but since this was more of a brunch (I ate it at 1:30 PM) I considered it to be decently priced.

  15. That dress is very very pretty! And you are wayyy more patient than me, I woulda demanded a new plate or at least something off the bill! lol Enjoy NY 🙂

  16. Ada

    Cute shoes! I live in NYC but I never go to Josie’s because I think their food is pretty sub-par. My friend even got food poisoning from there once!

  17. Dress is awesome, waiting 30 mins. for expensive lackluster food is not. I’d rather have a bagel. 🙂

  18. Amy

    That’s the dress I wore to your wedding! I think it looks great on you! Next time I wanna be your NYC shopping buddy!

  19. Rishma

    WOW…love the dress, shoes and NY city..
    I am from europe, but just love New York. Wanna go to NY for a weekend? ;-))

  20. Fully understand you, I made my blog but isn’t so good as yours

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