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  1. Bec

    thanks for the baked falafel recipe and video tutorial!

  2. Food Network better call you soon!! 😀

  3. Jacqueline

    I really enjoyed this!
    I have been reading your blog for quite some time but have never commented but this deserves a comment. 🙂 Great job!

  4. Susanj

    really good video! I will make the recipe soon! Yummy

  5. Great recipe, love the video 🙂

  6. Rachel

    You are just so cute! I want to make falafels now!! They look super easy.

  7. What a star you are!! It was torture waiting for the falafel to be done – I was starving!

  8. foodcents

    Loved the video!!! I can not wait to try the recipe.

    Do you know if they freeze well?

  9. rhodeygirltests

    foodcents- My uncle swears by freezing them!!!! So yes, they freeze well!

  10. Loved the video. I have never had falafel before but it sure sounds and looks good. I don’t cook but hubby does so maybe I can get him to try it sometime although we don’t have a food processor.

  11. stephanie

    this is so awesome! great video, RG! Also, we never eat falafel because I had no idea you could just bake this. Veconomist loves falafel and will thank YOU!!!!

  12. Aww – loved the video! Good tip about flattening the falafel a little so it gets nice and crispy. Great recipe – thanks for sharing!

  13. Nicole

    I love this!!

  14. such a cute video! i love it!!

  15. Victoria

    Keep these videos coming…it was a huge help for people like me that are just starting to take a stab at cooking! Great job!

  16. Ramzy

    Great job! More Jordanian recipes please

  17. Lauren

    I’m making these when I get home. Can I use dried parsley? How much do you think?

  18. rhodeygirltests

    Lauren- I honestly wouldn’t use dried parsley since the fresh parsley is such a major component to this dish! Maybe try another fresh herb you have?

  19. Lauren

    I caved and tried it with the dried parsley. Not bad, I added wayyyyyyyyyyyy too much salt. I’m attempting them again today. I just went to Trader Joes and got some hummus and pitas. I better get them right this time. 🙂

  20. Sonia

    Hi there! I have been eying this recipe for a while! Finally tried it, but I didn’t have parsley either…so I used chopped spinach, and also drizzled in about 1 tbs of tahini before letting it sit. It’s about to go in the oven now- thanks so much for the recipe- it smells just like restaurant falafel so far!

  21. maha maaita bilbeisi

    I just love it Sabrina u r great, u should really have ur own cooking show, I can’t wait to try the recipe, thank u,

  22. I have never attempted to bake falafels before; I think I will now

  23. Super excited to try this recipe — thanks so much for the how-to! Just wondering if whole wheat flour is imperative, or if regular old white flour will do. Not a big deal, just thinking it’d be cool to make this whole recipe from on-hand ingredients….
    Thanks again!

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