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  1. Ali

    I honestly and truly believe that you and my sister should go into business together and become a party planning pair! You cook wonderful meals and organize awesome parties- she is type-A to the max and is currently almost done planning her wedding- under budget, a year early! Seriously. I am not kidding. F’reals. Right now. Call her. Go do it- you know you want to.

  2. fattiefatterton

    Wow, I’m tired from just reading that!! Good luck!!

  3. Do you know how excited Mark is going to be that he is going to be able to eat meatballs!

    I want to bring something, and I will regardless, but is there anything specific you would like/need?

  4. wow! sounds like a great after party! good luckkk 🙂

  5. I think it is an awesome idea ot have an after party! My husband has ran the NYC marathon and we have gone to after parties that were alot of fun.

  6. Nicole

    That’s a fabulous idea! I really appreciate you posting your game plan for this. I am planning on hosting a vegan thanksgiving and now I have an idea of how to get organized.

  7. Wish I lived closer haha!! Sounds awesome! I love planning parties like this 🙂 Good luck with the half marathon! Thats so awesome! I think maybe I should make that a goal for next year…or the year after 🙂

  8. I love the after race party idea!!! And I can’t wait to hear all about this race and see you when you run Disney in January!!!!!

  9. Bec

    Good luck this weekend!!!!!!!! I am always so amazed at how well organized you are for these parties, you are a party queen!

  10. LOVE that idea! And the poem is beyond adorable and creative!

    Good luck this weekend – you’ll do great, I’m sure!

  11. I was a total blog lurker back then but I definitely remember The Great Accident! Hope this year goes better!!

    You should go into catering or party planning – your planning skills AND cooking always amazes me!

  12. Whohoo! I can’t wait to hear how the race goes 🙂

    This is such a cute idea. I am running my first marathon next year (already signed up, so excited!) and may have to have an after party.

  13. My sistr and brother-in-law are running the marathon in Philly this weekend. I am hoping to come and cheer them on. I will have to keep my eyes out for you and Philly Boy as you go racing by.

  14. traveleatlove

    Good luck, Sabrina! I will be in San Diego for a work conference (boo!) but will be thinking of you and knowing you are strong and ready. What a spread!!!

  15. ALD

    GOOD LUCK! But don’t be surprised if people don’t eat right away….sometimes stomachs are a bit upset after running those long distances….my only thought for your menu (totally unsolicited I know….?Maybe add a frittata or quiche (for non-carb lovers) and maybe swap a simple salad for the pretzels (that’s ALOT of carbs for one meal) to the lunch menu for the same reason. But whatever you make – you and your husband I’m SURE will prepare a beautiful table!

  16. ALD- You read my mind!!!! We ARE actually adding a simple salad and another protein. I was concerned about having to do “work” after the race, but I will just prep all the salad ingredients Saturday and toss them together Sunday morning after the race. As far as the protein we have the meatballs but realized not everyone eats that but I wasn’t sure what to add. Thanks to your advice, we’re adding egg frittata muffins, but only 1 small batch of 12. Thanks for your suggestions, they are always welcome!!!

  17. I know that in the future when I have my own apartment and I am throwing dinner or ANY food parties of ANY kind, i will refer back to your blog because your organization skills are AMAZING. I really hope to see you sunday it’s pretty unfortunate the way things worked out with me, but I just gotta get over it and start running asap!

  18. I really cannot believe you and PB could run a marathon AND host an after party that is THIS unreal. You are amazing Sabrina!!! 🙂

  19. You guys are too cute. Love that poem, PB! 🙂
    Hope the party was fun. Congrats again!!

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