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  1. That cake looks really pretty – I love the icing!

  2. yours turned out so pretty. I think i used too much icing on mine. it was very yummy though!! 🙂

    we need another baking party asap! lunch sometime this week so i can give you your pans back??

  3. YuuuuUUM! This sounds like a healthier version of Starbucks pumpkin loaf! Great job!

  4. Your cake looks really good. 🙂

  5. That cake looks amazing! Great job! How did you like New Moon?

  6. Paige- Thanks! I liked New Moon because it was beautiful and let me escape reality for an evening, but I wasn’t impressed. The writing was really bad, and Bella didn’t have any of the strength I pictured her to have when reading the books. That being said, the books weren’t written very well either. I still love the Twilight stories though and WILL be going to see the next two films! What did you think?

  7. That sounds like the perfect dessert! Thanks for the recipe!!

  8. That is beautiful! I am the same way with baking – so maybe this is a recipe I could actually suceed with! 🙂

  9. for not being a baker you sure were able to whip up a gorgeous treat! i don’t like to follow recipes either~that is why i am a better cook than i am a baker. i would love to try out this recipe, thanks for sharing sabrina!

  10. wow cake looks yummy! I love anything with pumpkin. And yes baking is a science. I learn something new every time I get in the kitchen to bake something 🙂

  11. Love the cake and you look so proud and happy holding it!

  12. Great job Sabrina! It looks and sounds delicious. I probably wouldn’t end up with a finished product because I’d eat all the icing! The addition of orange juice to the icing has my mouth watering. Thanks for the recipe!

  13. It came out beautifully!!! I know what you mean about not being able to follow a recipe.

  14. That cake looks lovely! I feel you– I am definitely a cook, not a baker. Following the directions to a T does seem to help…although I still have mysterious misteps here and there. Oh well.

  15. Looks delicious! Excellent work. 🙂

  16. that cake looks amazing!!

  17. Gorgeous cake from a gorgeous lady!

  18. I think I am better at baking because my science is better than my senses! Haha! Cake looks fantastic– great job.

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