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  1. Love your menu! I could never give up Christmas Eve OR Day with my family. Luckily, my in laws eat early and then we jet to my family’s.

  2. Tracy & Dustin

    That menus sounds amazing! And I need to learn from your advanced planning!! LOL I am such a procrastinator, esp around the holidays. I love organization. I’m just super random about when I decide to use it.

  3. Sure.. Ill come over. lol I love how organized you are! Sounds like its going to be a great holiday 🙂

  4. sounds like it is going to be an excellent meal! can’t wait to see!

  5. What meat do you have to buy from the butcher? I don’t see it on the menu-am I blind?

    • Chelsea- We buy the beef tenderloin for the roast from the butcher. He trims it, seasons it with salt, pepper, and spices for us and then ties it up so that all we have to do is bake and make the sauce for it! I order it and pick it up but my aunt usually cooks it!

  6. What a delicious menu!! I can’t believe Christmas is so soon!

  7. Hmm haven’t thought about what I will make…it’s just the two of us so probably not a lot!

  8. maha maaita bilbeisi

    excellent menu Sabrina, my God, u r so organized, can’t wait.

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