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  1. YUMM GIRL!! that is perfect comfort/cold weather food!

  2. How funny. I just did a turkey chili blog today, too. Yours looks wonderful. :-p

  3. Yum! I need to make this asap – would be great to take & re-heat for my lunch at the gym!

  4. I know it is soooo hard to believe that the Disney marathon weekend is coming so fast!!! Yikes! Glad you had a good run… I still need to run one more long run – hopefully this Tuesday 😉

  5. Julee

    This looks delicious! Seems like a recipe you could cook on a Sunday, and enjoy for dinner a couple of days that week. Does it freeze well?

  6. Julee- I have frozen it in freezer bags in 1 person portion sizes for a few weeks before and it was just as tasty as when I freshly made it, so YES, it freezes well!!

  7. Stephanie

    Do you post nutritional information ?

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