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  1. What a decade you had! Your appartment looks gorgeous:)

  2. This is such a sweet post. I love looking at old pictures. Sometimes I wish I was back in those moments, but not because I’m unhappy now. Those moments passed and I’m still alive, healthy,e tc, and the pictures are comforting.

  3. Great post. You have overcome a lot and have much to be happy about. Best wishes for the next 10 years with PB!

  4. I’m inspired by your ability to overcome. I’m so glad that you are at such a great place in your life.

  5. What a beautiful way to remember the decade. Looks like you have traveled far and have lots of great memories!

  6. daniela

    great summary of a very intense time in your life.
    I am so glad of the outcome, you and PB are a fabulous couple .
    I can’t wait for the future….
    love you young woman
    auntie D

  7. Wow, what an amazing decade! The best is yet to come for you and PB. Thanks for sharing your memories with us.

  8. Loved reading this!!

  9. Great recap! And I am so glad you are feeling settled in in Philly now.

  10. What a wonderful recap! You have had many ups and downs but I’m hoping this next decade is filled with many, MANY ups 🙂

  11. *Andrea*

    what a great post of the past decade! you’ve been through some tough and amazing journeys. i hope you have a healthy and happy next decade and keep blogging 🙂 you’re beautifullll!!!

    p.s. i worked at citizens bank in cranston all summer (it was my client for my internship in boston at a consulting firm). and my sister is a sophomore at providence! fun school 😀

  12. What a decade for you! I am so happy your story is taking a happy turn!

  13. MareBare

    that made me teary-eyed! so happy for you and PB and the joy you bring into each other’s lives- truly inspiring!

  14. maha maaita bilbeisi

    Beautiful memories, hope u & Antranig will have lots of great ones to come.

  15. This was such a sweet post to read! I loved all the photos and wish you a lot of luck in the upcoming decade.

  16. I thought we have traveled a lot but I think you topped us : ) We had fun in Italy looks like you did too, maybe we can go there together ; ) Bora Bora looks like an amazing place, it is on our list of places to visit.

    What a decade for you : ) Wishing you all the best!

  17. Wow S. I had no idea you lost your mom. I’m so sorry. She must be so proud of the woman you are today!

  18. You are an amazing woman!

    That picture of you and PB at the wedding where you “met” you look like a dark skinned and haired Jessica Simpson! (that’s a total compliment)

  19. This is such a sweet post RG! I love this idea because I can barely remember what’s happened in the past decade. Your mother is so beautiful and you look SO happy in your wedding photo. I loved your sentence about being blessed for those who are in your life and those who are missing – so beautiful!

  20. Love this post. So cool to learn (briefly) what the past 10 years has been like for you. So so sorry for the loss of your mom, I can only imagine how difficult that was. GREAT traveling- you have been to so many cool places. <3 you and Philly boy- you guys are too cute. Happy New Year

  21. Awww I LOVED this!! It was great seeing the old pics, and learning how your last 10 years has been!! You guys have such a great story 🙂

  22. What a great recap! I love how so many bloggers are sharing their “pre-blog” life. It makes me feel like I really know you 🙂
    If I don’t check in until then, enjoy Armenian Christmas and good luck on the half. You’re going to rock it!!!!!

  23. What an amazing 10 years you’ve had! I’m so sorry for your lows, but your highs are quite high! I have loved following the love story between you and PB 🙂

  24. lory white

    you have a great sight here. I enjoy the recipes greatly. I think I have seen your blog on CK too. Have you ever thought of doing a cook book ? Lory ( Moughi )

  25. auntie maria

    We all had an amazing gourmet evening . Looking forward to many festive family gatherings at your home. Sabrina and Antranig, I’m so proud of you both, you’re top notch. Sabrina, ” hamih peranis minatz!”Just so you know, Ijust came back from a burning butt a.m . at L.A. Fit.starting a new committment. keep pushing me pls.

  26. What about late nights of knitting junior year?? : ) And by the way – you look the exact same as you did in 2000. Seriously.

  27. What a great post Sabrina! I love reading about you and PB’s love story 🙂 And you look gorgeous in all the photos!!

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