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  1. WOW! What a great gift. I especially love the idea of the pretzel nuggets dipped in the chocolate/nut butter combo. I am having a party Friday and may need to make some of these to set out! You rock! You should be a party planner.

  2. Those are such a cute treat! Thanks for the idea.

  3. These pretzels look delicious! What a great idea for a homemade Valentine’s gift. 🙂

  4. I made the candy cane covered pretzels at Christmas to hand out as gifts and they were a big hit, I might have to try these out for Valentine’s!

  5. So pretty! I can’t wait to read more about NYC. What an amazing opportunity and great cause!

  6. These look great! What a perfectly simple (and delicious) idea! Homemade gifts are definitely the best, especially when they are edible =)

  7. Pretzels and chocolate are one of my favorite combos!! Those treats look delicious!

  8. That looks awesome, what a fun idea! I need to find some pretzel rods, I haven’t seen them in stores here.

  9. kt

    Wow, these look sinful! I’ve been looking for more creative gifts to give people for birthdays, holidays, etc., and I think these would be perfect! Thanks for the demo and tips!

  10. Yum! Those turned out so pretty! Like PB, I’m not a huge fan of sweets but I love the combination of salty pretzels and sweet chocolate.

  11. That’s a great gift idea. I love the salty sweetness of chocolate covered pretzels.

  12. *Andrea*

    That story is too cute! I LOVE chocolate covered pretzels – the sweet and salty combo is delicious! nice gift idea!

  13. Christine

    I love your cake, it’s so cute. I sent the link to some friends so they will vote for you! Are you going to be stuck in NYC b/c of this weather?

  14. Too cute! What a nice gift!

  15. Such a lovely engagement story. Asking our dads for our hand is a very smart move on their part- respectful and deliciously old-fashioned.

    LOVE these pretzels, I think my husband would like them too. I don’t have any of the pretzel rods currently but I do have some pretzel sticks. They won’t be as good but perhaps I’ll make a few to try out since I have them in my cupboard already.

  16. I’m home sick from work today and was watching Regis and Kelly and she talked about you today! Well okay not you specifically but all the “wonderful women” who were baking cakes with her! She asked their audience to vote! Hope you guys win!

  17. Those pretzels are so pretty! Love them! Looks like you are having a great time in NYC! I saw pics on other blogs of you 🙂

  18. these are SO CUTE!!! absolutely stunning pictures, too 🙂 I voted for your cake…hope it wins 🙂

  19. Such a cute treat idea and story about the boy 🙂

  20. Those look delicious! I think homemade Valentine’s gifts are the best!

  21. Those look amazing…funny story, one of my guy friends called and asked how to make chocolate covered strawberries…I couldn’t help but laugh!

  22. Love hearing more about your story! So cute! How romantic PB is 🙂 I have been dating my boyfriend for over 8 years and now for this year he is in Paris studying abroad, so Valentine Day is going to be hanging out with the twin sister! Probably lots of wine and raw desserts LOL

  23. I LOVE the Valentine’s day version of your pretzel rods. So cute!

  24. What a beautiful treat! Happy Valentines Day!

  25. Every time I see you post about these pretzels, I make a mental note to make some myself. They look fantastic! I’m not a big Valentine’s Day person myself, but this makes me wish I was so I could have an excuse to make the fun pink-and-red ones! Hmmm…maybe I will anyway 🙂

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