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  1. Radha

    Hope yor knees get better! Nice weekend! I made my PB pancakes. Going out today, our day off. Shopping at Whole Foods and more.

  2. What a great weekend 🙂 Love that ya’ll got to spend SO much time together. Valentine’s day looks like an adorable movie. Great eats too- I’d love to try your strawberry sauce and PB’s SIAB. Nice job on the workouts- I haven’t been swimming in ages but grew up doing swim team. It is SUCH fabulous exercise. Hope you have a good week. Going to vote for your cake again now

  3. Erika

    I knew you’d love Fork! It’s probably my fave in Philly. You have to go for brunch too!

  4. kt

    “Of course, that point becomes invalid when you eat 1000 pieces of pizza, but the effort was there.”
    Hahaha this killed me! So true, I can totally relate.

  5. It sounds like the perfect weekend! I love relaxed weekends where you do simple things, but they seem extra special because of the company you’re with. Happy Valentine’s to you and your hubby!

    p.s. Where did you find that little spoon that’s in your oatmeal?

  6. Mike has started to swim recently, and I have been meaning to join him. I was a swimming in high school and got a wee burnt out, but I think 5 years is long enough time. Time to get back in the water for me!

    I’m glad you and PB had a wonderful weekend together. Looks like it was a blast. 🙂

  7. What a lovely weekend! You two seem really really happy!

  8. Seems like you´ve had an amazing V-day!
    Your eats looked AH-MAZING 😉
    It´s so cute to see you and your husband having so much fun together 🙂
    Brazilian Kisses,

  9. Yum! Your dinner looked delicious!!

  10. What a great Valentine’s meal…gorgeous pictures, especially of the dessert. And the last picture of your hubby? Especially funny. I can’t believe he had to venture out in a blizzard! We can barely handle driving in the rain here in LA!

  11. Wow this really made me miss my boyfriend!! I love date nights!! Everything looked amazing…all the food, YUM! Glad to hear you have been enjoying swimming, I used to love it, but honestly cannot remember the last time I went swimming. Sorry to hear about your knees hurting, have you heard of MSM cream? You can rub it onto your knee. It is all natural and helps with joint pain.

  12. A “1000” pieces of pizza! I’ve been there more time that I care to admit. 😀

    I wish I liked swimming. My husband loves it and I want to like it for him but the problem is I’m half cat….not catty…just cat like. I really don’t like getting wet. However, when I was pregnant I loved it. Hmmmm….uh…not. 😉

  13. Hi, your blog looks great. You have a skill presenting food. I want to eat everything.

    I am worried about your knee pain – do you think you should rest and ice for awhile? Do you think the pain is giving you a message you should listen to? Swim more, run less for awhile?

    Take care,

    • Elle- Thank you for your comment. I notice that when I foam roll or stretch the pain goes away. I am focusing on strengthening my core, hip flexors, and leg muscles so that the pain will not come back. The pain is caused by IT band issues, which I am working on correcting. Thank you!

      P.S. I look forward to your IT band foam rolling video!

  14. Sounds like the perfect weekend!

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