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  1. I’m a bit obsessive at cleaning dishes and pans. I like to have things clean before I even eat!

  2. Finger cuts are the WORST! I always Super Glue mine shut. Isn’t that disgusting!

  3. oh wow, I’m really enjoying these series of food posts. Your eats are not only healthy, but also very lovely to look at! I love the stark contrast of the spinach’s deep green with the almost luminous pallor of the omelet ūüėČ

    I grew up eating lots of eggs too (I come from a family with very, very low cholesterol) so we would have eggs with almost every meal! For lunch we would usually have them hardboiled after being steeped in soy sauce + tea leaves.

    Hope your finger feels better soon; looking forward to more food/recipes/restaurant review posts!

  4. I love the single life cup! I hate having dishes in the sink. I can’t enjoy my food unless I have everything cleaned up before I eat.

  5. Huge piles of veggies folded inside of eggs is one of my favorite go-to meals. Easy, filling, delicious. PS- LOVE and miss Wegmans SOOO MUCH

  6. Anyon who say eggs aren’t a lunch food is just wrong! And like you said, they’re great because you can pump them up and pimp them out with all kinds of veggies.

  7. We had omelets a lot for dinner, especially with soup. We also used to have this cold one w/ pepperoni at Easter.

  8. i love having omelettes for meals other than breakfast! actually, i had one for dinner tonight!
    hope your finger feels better, and i really love your mug!

  9. Eggs are acceptable at any time of day. Pancakes too!

  10. Thank you mostly for the “update” on your finger! We’re all cheering for those platelets to start forming.

  11. Kimberly J

    I think the sammie thin and banana picture could have been taken from my own kitchen – I eat the same thing, those thins are so good!

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