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  1. bauahaha i love my big fat greek wedding
    best part: “and inside the lump… was my twin”

  2. That smoothie sounds sooo delicious! And it’s amazing how much protein we can get without animals

  3. When I told my Husband’s family that I used to be a vegetarian, and that my family, when we did eat meat, only ate chicken and turkey….they looked at me like I had 3 heads!

  4. kirsten

    My Big Fat Greek Wedding right? Great post, I always forget how much protein I need and now I can just do the calculation

  5. hahahhaha my family is SO like that too! My dad will go through the list of meats to “check” if there are any I will eat. I’m like no dad…. NO meat ;). Thanks for the shout out! I am starting my days with a protein shake now. It really helps me get my protein count off on the right foot. Yours look so yummy. I wish it would just warm up 🙁 Its freezing in Charleston too!

  6. How do I find the best protein shake for me? I see you tagged Jay Robb? Where do you pick up his products and is Jay Robb the only shake you will drink?

  7. It’s okay, I cook lamb. Best line ever, my dad quotes it ALL the time (every time e is in the presence of a) a vegetarian or b) lamb).

  8. Ha! Love that quote, it’s one of my favorites. She actually looks AND sounds like one of my dad’s aunts. I’m Greek on his side.

    I’m the same way about meat; I’ve been a pescetarian for three years now, though in the past few months I’ve loosened up a bit, will eat dishes that have proscuitto or bits of meat in them, just to be less difficult and for the protein.

    I can’t seem to get on the protein powder bandwagon though; I can’t get myself to try drinking my calories, protein or otherwise. I need the chew to feel full, ya know what I mean? Perhaps the thing is that the protein powder doesn’t have the fat that say, a scoop of PB does?

  9. ahhh haha best movie ever! gotta love aunt vula…

  10. P.S. I’m living in Philly, and also *fairly* new to the city (about two years now..). Love seeing and recognizing restaurants I’ve been to!

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