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  1. What pretty snow! Those lights are really cool at that restaurant. Yummy sandwich!

  2. Love seeing all the love for CO! I grew up in NY so the first time skiing in CO someone said “we’ll do 3 or 4 runs before lunch” I was pretty confused! It burns some around the order of billions of calories! Eat up!

  3. SO glad to see you had such an amazing trip!!! 🙂 looks like so much fun girl. you are practically glowing!

  4. stephanie

    it looks fab, girl! as do you!

  5. The trip sounds like it was fabulous! I love the decor in the sushi restaurant. Very hip.
    Congrats on the new jacket!

  6. Lovin the photos, and the giant artichoke on PB’s plate!

  7. Love the “new” blog! Also, I’m so jealous reading about your trip, I grew in Reno, and our closest Tahoe ski resort was only 20 minutes away. I miss that~!

  8. Yay for Beaver Creek! Did you take any of the trails that take you through the million dollar real estate? that’s always a fun one!

    Also there is something about beer and skiing/riding that just goes hand and hand. Its like you start craving beer after a long day on the mountain. 🙂

  9. I am so happy to read that you had a great time. CO people are pretty darn friendly, for the most part. The mtn. towns are soooo fun and always remind me how much I miss living in them.

    We have more snow on the way.

    Hope y’all come back soon!!!

  10. Looks like you had a wonderful time. I am so happy that my hubby and I share a love for the outdoors (and sushi) too!

  11. does that sammie have grilled artichokes in it? Because I have been eating those like MAD! Look like an amazing trip — great memories were made, i am sure! 😉

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