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  1. What a fun giveaway! I love the silver. Sassy color and would go with anything!

  2. Love the lipstick red ones! I hate wearing heels when I’m walking places so these would be perfect me to drive in and then change into my heels when i get where i’m going (or when I’m gallivanting around Boston/NYC)

  3. Stacie

    I am a wedding photographer and often work 12 hour days on my feet constantly moving. I usually wear a pair of flat aerosole shoes that are comfortable and not very flattering but practicle for the job. I would love to have something that is more modern and comfortable for the job.

  4. Karen

    The starlight silver are beautiful! I love wearing heels, but the brick sidewalks in Portland, Maine are so not high heel friendly!

  5. Laurie

    I think I would pick Onyx although the Starlight Silver ones are definitely a close second.

  6. elaine

    i visited the delicate soles website and i LOVE the silver pair. i think it would go with everything!

  7. elaine

    i would absolutely love to with these shoes because I just moved to Boston from LA to attend grad school. One of the biggest things I’ve had to adjust to is walking everywhere, especially since i live far from school. i’d love to have these in my schoolsbags for those long walks to and from school. they would save my feet!

  8. These are adorable!! I love the pixie dust color 😀 I could totally use these in my new city!! Boston= TONS of walking, i thought i loved to walk in CA, but my calves were literally sore when i first moved here. I’m dancing almost every other night with my job, so my feet take a lot of abuse..I wear bulky sneakers everywhere to save them, but I would love to actually wear cute shoes to school and work! I take the subway everywhere too, so my delicate soles would get lots of face time 😀 Great contest RG!

  9. Janet

    I LOVE the Lipstick Red! Being a red head I find any excuse to add more red into my life!

  10. Janet

    My work requires lots of walking all day and I walk everywhere in Chicago, where I live. I don’t have a car, so I rely on my feet and my legs take me every where! These would be great to have in my purse to throw on when I need a change of shoes!

  11. tiffanie

    I love the Starlight Silver!! Beautiful and elegant!

  12. tiffanie

    I would love a pair of these for my wedding that is coming up this summer! I’ve been looking for a pair of cute flats to wear at the reception so I can take my heels off after the ceremony & dancing. The silver ones would be perfect…still girly enough to wear with my wedding dress, but super comfy!

  13. Whitney

    The onyx color would be perefect.

  14. Abbeygail

    I have a B12 deficiency right now that causes tingling and numbness in my feet. I walk somewhat like a zoombie right now because of. It feels like I have really tight socks on my feet that seems to be constricting my ankles. I’m afraid of falling because of the lack of flexion in my feet and ankles. The numbness means I don’t have a good sense of the surface I’m walking on so the thin soles would be good to help me feel like I have the most contact with the ground.

    The silver metallic would be easy to see in any light and I usually watch my feet when I walk.

  15. joy

    It is a debate between the pixie dust and the starlight silver… I would probably lean towards the silver because it would go with more! Awesome giveaway!

  16. joy

    And I *NEED* a pair because sometimes I will meet up with my husband out and I like to have flats when I am with him because we are the same height and I like to be able to put my head on his shoulder and if I am 2 inches taller it just isn’t comfy!

  17. Adore the Lipstick Red – they’re super-fun, and definitely make me want to kick up my heels!

  18. Tweeted @livelaughgrow

  19. Alicia

    I just adore those silver ones. So sleek and stylish — yet sensible!

  20. Tori

    Starlight silver! They look so comfy and cute!

  21. alexis

    ONYX, they will go with everything-

  22. Kelsey

    that is a sweet website :]
    i love the starlight silver color!

  23. Kelsey

    tweeted! @carrothead

  24. I LOVE the Starlight Silver – they would be perfect for dancing at my wedding reception in July!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  25. The starlight silver. I definitely need a pair of these because I WALK EVERYWHERE. I especially need for the days that I have classes. Parking is a nightmare so I get to school super early so I can find a good space. So from my morning class until 5:30, I leave my car and walk from class to class. Or to the library. Or to the computer center. You get the picture. Needless to say, my feet hate me LOL


  26. melinda h.

    Oh my goodness…. this sounds heavenly! Working in the medical field = very sore feet! This would be great to switch into after! 😉

  27. jenny

    I would love the silver . . . such a cool giveaway

  28. jenny

    I tweeted ( -)>

  29. jenny

    i facebooked it too 🙂

  30. jenny

    Okay you want a real story:
    im a college freshman so that involves walking to many campus parties at midnight and, thanks to my 5-inch stilettos, i not only face planted it once, but twice all in one night!!!!!!

    i need these …………!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. MizFit

    while Id LOVE THESE SHOES for my aching halfmarathon training feet—I more wanted to say how AWESOME your blog looks.

    Im about to do some blogbotox as well and my have to use yer peeps.
    Ill let them know you sent me!


  32. Tara

    Very cute and I love how they are small enough to tuck away in your bag. The starlight silver color is my favorite!

  33. AM

    As a teacher who’s also going to school, I love the idea of these shoes! They’re perfect for the classroom, and I can change out of them and into stilettos on my way to grad school, PTA meetings, and school meetings. I hope these shoes can provide a much-needed break for my feet! They’re so beautiful, especially the onyx!

  34. Laura S

    Oh my gosh I NEED these shoes! I would get them in the silver. The balls of my feet are always killing me after a night out of dancing in heels! True story: One night after a few too many drinks, my heels were killing me so I proceeded to take of my heels, place them on the bar, and continue dance. So not a classy move. If I had those shoes to switch into! I hope I am lucky enough to win a pair!!

  35. Jenny: We feel your pain. We have been there too: http://www.delicatesoles.com/blog

  36. Betsy

    I love the Onyx color! As a 5’2 college student, black heels are a staple in my wardrobe, and my move to Chicago after I graduate will mean I’ll have even MORE walking to do in such a big city. I also have really flat feet, so it would be nice to have a pair of flats to give my feet a break from my heels after a night out.

  37. I think I like the black best.

  38. And I would like them because I am a teacher and on my feet all day and would like an alternative to the dansko clogs I wear. Also, my healing broken foot has been very sore lately. Great giveaway Sabrina!

  39. Susan

    ooo i love the red ones!

  40. I love the starlight silver and of course, black!! As a runner , I am always looking for comfortable shoes for my poor feet!! And these are so cute and in style!

  41. I would love the Lipstick Red, even though I never wear red I love how these look. I’m always looking for something comfy yet small enough to carry around NYC with me since I’m just not one of those people who can wear heels every where. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  42. Amanda G

    Loving the Starlight Silver! I’m in medical school and long shifts in the hospital= sore feet! I would love a pair of these to put on at the end of a hard day 🙂

  43. I love the onyx color!

  44. eliza

    love the onyx. sooo cute!

  45. What a cute idea! I’d love the onyx color.. will probably match most outfits.

  46. I tweeted about the giveaway 🙂

  47. Love the onyx colot, they would go with a lot!

  48. I would love the onyx ones! What a great giveaway!

  49. Teresa

    I love the silver ones! what a fantastic product! I am getting married in nyc in august and these would be fantastic for the bridal party!

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