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  1. You make me feel bad for not having been yet, but with food like that I need to go check it out!

  2. Melissa

    Try Sabrina’s in Philly!

    • RhodeyGirlTests

      @Melissa, YES! I love Sabrina’s! We live in the Art Museum area so we go to the one on Spring Garden now and again, but I really like the one on Christian street more! Thanks!!

  3. Wow great food presentation!! Looks fabulous!

  4. Razan Fakhouri

    Sabrina makes a beautiful asparagus frittata. Sabrina – I miss your frittata. Please share the recipe with me 🙂

  5. Is that seared Ahi on spinach??? Goodness!!!! Looks so good!

    • RhodeyGirlTests

      @jenn, Yes it is! With grilled bread topped with pesto on the side, and lots of fresh veggies hiding underneath the tuna… I may have had food envy a bit!

  6. Those meals look delicious. I can see why it is your favorite!

  7. I live in RI and I have never been to Nick’s! I feel ashamed of myself. I must change that soon. Thanks for the great review.

  8. Wow thanks for the tip. Every time we actually make it to Providence I have no idea where to go. Will try this sometime soon.

  9. Wow…that looks amazing…too bad I am in Texas! 🙂

  10. phew, i was gettin’ kinda worked up over those photos 🙂 I’ve always wanted to visit Rhode Island, but this place alone makes me want to move there!

  11. What a great place, the meal looks amazing! I’ve only been to RI once and couldn’t get over the fact that we could drive through it in 20 minutes. Great place though, can’t wait to go back and try out Nick’s!

  12. Definitely need to check this one out next time I’m down there!! Looks delicious…I love going out for breakfast!

  13. I love Nick’s! I’m actually going there tomorrow 🙂 I will think of you!

  14. That salad looks amazing! 🙂

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