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  1. Rose Ragan

    This year’s Google name change has to be the best! Wait, let me go Topeka April Fools jokes….

  2. The Starbucks release is cracking me up! My marketing team is OBSESSED with starbucks…so perfect.

  3. My friends and I pulled the best April Fools joke in the 7th grade.

    A group of 5 spent the night together on a school night, and went to school the next day with slings, bandages, crutches, etc. and told everyone we had been in a car accident the previous evening.

    We didn’t intend to take it very far, but we had chapel first thing in the morning (went to a private school), and the chaplain asked everyone to say a prayer for us. We were busted and then had to inform the entire school it was a joke.

  4. eris

    Probably the funniest office prank I ever pulled was when I was working at a law firm and was covering the switchboard when our regular switchboard operator was out. I had covered a few weeks before and accidentally dialed an extension and discovered that it was the phone in the elevator.

    On April Fool’s Day, I waited for someone to take the elevator up then called the elevator phone and tried to order a pizza. I also did it when I would hear the elevator coming down. I did this repeatedly and, even more hilarious, one person was pranked numerous times and would come down to the front desk and complain to me that there was a crossed line somewhere and that the phone line in our elevator was mixed up with that of a pizza shop. “Really?!” I would say. “How weird!” She told me to call the phone company and have it corrected. That was my favorite April Fool’s Prank.

    Years earlier, I was an Assistant Supervisor in a manufacturing company. One of the girls who worked for me was a Portuguese immigrant from the Azores, and she was in her first semester at a local college. I went to a phone in another office and called her to tell her that I was calling from the admissions office and that there was a problem with her admissions documentation that needed to be fixed right away and I needed her to come down to the school in the next half hour to fix it or she would be expelled. Of course, she said, “I can’t leave without speaking to my supervisor” and she could not find me anywhere. I finally let her onto the joke when she started to get so upset that I thought she would begin crying:( I’m all for a good laugh, but not at the expense of someone’s feelings!!

  5. April Fool’s Day is the worst day of the year for me because I am so gulliable and will believe anything!! haha!! :)

  6. wholefoods.com is hilarious today

  7. april fool’s day is awesome…i just wish i could think of a good prank!

  8. I suck at pulling April Fool’s pranks, and I never believe anything anyway. Since my b-day is the 2nd, I’m always aware the day before is April fools. Still fun to see others riled up.

  9. hahah love that! i am so gullible i always fall for the pranks!

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