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  1. even though i’m only Italian through marriage and I’ve never been to Italy I would definitely say that I live my life to the drum of Italian cooking 🙂 what a beautiful way to say that!

  2. My bf and I have planned pad thai for tonight. Now I’m REALLY craving it!

  3. Lauren

    I am new to your blog and I love reading it! I am from RI too!
    This looks so yummy..I would love the recipe!

    • RhodeyGirlTests

      @Lauren, Hi! The recipe is so basic I am not sure I even feel comfortable sharing it yet… Basically I soaked the noodles. Made a sauce with fish sauce, sugar, a bit of soy (per my husband’s request) and lime juice. Cooked the tofu on high heat in a pan with a bit of the sauce, added a few veggies, added the noodles and tossed. Topped each dish with sprouts, peanuts, and lots of fresh lime juice. I have not mastered it yet- when I do I will share the recipe I promise!

  4. Brenna

    Which recipe did you use? I’ve tried the one from cookinglight.com before and liked it but didn’t love it. Yours looks amazing!

  5. Ali

    wow that looks good! where did the recipe come from?

    • RhodeyGirlTests

      @Ali, Thanks! I sort of made it up after eating years of pad thai and also looking around at many other recipes. it is not authentic pad thai, but it gets the job done for now. I described my method in the reply above, but again I haven’t mastered it yet!

  6. Lauren

    I am new to your blog and love reading it! I am a RI girl too.
    This looks yummy..would love the recipe!

  7. This looks like a delicious pad thai recipe, which noodles do you use?

  8. That look delicious!!! YUM!!! I LOVE pad thai!!!

  9. Love pad Thai, your version looks delicious.

  10. Mmmmm pad thai!! Haven’t had that in a while, and never have made it! Looks awesome!

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