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  1. I love that Rocco got confetti up his nose. lol!! And the answer is shrimp.

  2. Wow, I loved this video! Now, I want to go to Italy!!!

    I liked when Dan said they were getting pelted with confetti at carnevale. Dan is a funny guy 🙂

    Their clue was shrimp.

  3. Paige

    Okay everyone else is saying the same one I was going to! haha

    I liked when Rocco was getting confetti thrown at him at carnevale. Shrimp!

  4. Kerry

    Confetti up the nose at Carnevale.


    Also, I want to thank you for suggesting shredded carrots. It is so simple but has added great texture to my salads.

    Sunflower seeds make a great addition too!

  5. JL

    Rocco is hilarious with the confetii…Shrimp is the answer!

  6. Stephanie

    Gosh, this is a great giveaway!!!They were near the water which and then an italian clown was delivered to the table – which lead them to Carnevale!! The confetti throwing was my favorite part of the episode. Such a great series.

  7. Beth

    What a fun series, the confetti was too much!!! I couldn’t stop laughing…nothing worse than confetti up the nose….


  8. Cellabella

    My favorite scene is when they’re on the boat pulling up the shrimp nets, I’ve been on a lobster/shrimp boat before and it brought back good memories 🙂

    And the clue’s answer is shrimp!

  9. Don

    Great giveaway, love the video, and the clown delivered to the table was great…

  10. Carol

    Love when the shrimp nets get pulled up, I’ve never seen it…which brings me to the answer–shrimp!

  11. Marcie

    This giveaway is amazing, thank you so much…the confetti in the video at Carnavale was wonderful…and shrimp!

  12. sarah


    i loved the part where the clown was delivered to the table – this was actually a great video! and a GREAT giveaway!! 🙂

  13. Bill

    I like the delivery of the clue

  14. Donald

    Wondeful giveaway, I really like the video, especially the confetti at Carnevale

  15. Answer – shrimp. Cute video. I likes the confetti part and the hidden clue inside the episode.

  16. Love this episode.

    I really liked the cooking scene, love that the Chef made him eat the green goo from the shrimp, haha.

    I am also following Bertolli on Twitter.

  17. Carolyn

    These videos are simply incredibly, they really transport me to Europe, thanks for sharing…I couldn’t possibly pick a favorite spot, but the humor was very enjoyable! And I think your answer is shrimp…thank you again, mille grazi!

  18. I adore italy…sigh, I wish I were back there right now. Ok her throwing the shrimp back after tearing the poor thing apart was hilarious, but really just seeing all of the sites…OH it’s so pretty!

  19. following on twitter @runtothefinish

  20. I was in Viareggio en route to the Cinque Terre last fall! I love when she is flipping the pan! I am too nervous to do that!

  21. Christy

    Love the part where they happen upon the Carnevale scene and get pulled onto the float.

    BTW, the answer is Shrimp

  22. Christy

    I also follow @bertolli

  23. WOW Sabri, beautiful fotos from Carnevale ; ) & thanks so much for including my Crostoli & Gelato links ; ) Baci!

  24. Haha my favorite part are the paper mache babies in flowers at the carnival…so weird! And the answer is shrimpppp!

  25. aaaaaand I tweeted!

  26. aaaaand I followed Bertolli on Twitter!

  27. haha I love Rocco being pelted with the confetti!

    The clue is shrimp!

  28. I am also following @Bertolli!

  29. Will

    The confetti part was pretty funny. And clue lead to shrimp

  30. Melissa Cari

    Such a cute post and I love the video! I went to Carnevale in Venice too when I studied abroad in Rome and I had an amazing time despite being soo sick (it was March and freeeezing there!). I remember we ended up at a party and couldn’t figure out how to take a water taxi home because the streets were so crowded…every turn we took led to another piazza and party! It was a lonnng night, to say the least, but so much fun. I hope to go back someday when I’m not on Dayquil and can enjoy the wine and partying some more 😉

    Ohh and the clue was SHRIMP!! Would love to win! Following Bertolli on Twitter now..

  31. Favorite scene has to be when Dan says he has confetti up his nose, heehee. The clue is shrimp!

    Great giveaway. Thank you for hosting.

  32. Jessica

    I’m such a rookie cook that I loved watching them make the pasta & tossing it in the air. I wouldn’t have thought to do that… LOL
    A: Shrimp

  33. Jessica

    following bertolli on twitter /madtownsprite

  34. Jen

    I actually love the opening scene where they are on the balcony sipping steaming coffee imagining what was in store next – I really really wanted to be on that balcony! I do agree with most though that the confetti part was pretty funny.

    answer – shrimp

  35. dlr

    I liked the part where Giuseppe teaches Marisa and Dan how to cook – it was interesting to watch his techniques, plus they looked like they were really having a great time.

    The clue — shrimp.

  36. Christine

    I liked the confetti part – up the nose!

    Clue – shrimp… to which I am allergic. 🙁

    I really would love an Italian espresso maker, and nutella gelato is such a treat!

  37. erin

    I loved seeing the different costumes and hairstyles at carnevale 😀

    and the answer to the clue was shrimp!

  38. erin

    i also followed bertolli on twitter!

  39. Jennifer

    I loved the confetti up the nose-hysterical! And the clue is shrimp!!

  40. Betsy

    ahh that video brought me back, at this time last year i was enjoying my last days in italia and about to leave for prague for two weeks of traveling. i loved the whole video, hard to pick one part! i enjoyed the throwing of the confetti… brought me back to the parades i saw on the streets of firenze. clue was shrimp!

  41. Jennifer S

    I loved the scenes from the carnavale. The clue was shrimp…

  42. Shsron

    I follow Bertolli on twitter. Thanks for the chance to win!

  43. Shsron

    I love the European scenery and architecture. And …shrimp!

  44. Carolyn Mary

    The video transported me to Europe, loved the scenery…and shrimp!!!!

  45. Will

    This is an amazing giveaway, perfect for Mother’s Day. I hit Carnevale too when I was in Italy, what a great video. Shrimp is the answer, the clue was a great part of the video!

  46. My favorite scene was where she was tossing the food in the pan – I would LOVE to be able to do that without spilling!

    And the answer to the clue is Shrimp!
    Thanks for hosting such a fabulous giveaway!

  47. And I started following @Bertolli.
    I’m @JuliaJogging 🙂

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