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  1. girl, you should NEVER apologize about garlic 🙂 i could really go for one of the chicken banh-mis right about now…!

  2. Those drinks look awesome (and the food of course)!

  3. The rock candy drinks look so cool! I want one. Maybe I can find rock candy and make those at home. 🙂

  4. Center City Sips is the best!! Such a great deal. I see many Wednesday Foodie dates in our future 🙂

  5. yum! Looks awesome. I am adding to my list.

  6. Everything looks wonderful. Love the cocktails with the candy. Philadelphia looks like an awesome place, I can’t wait to go next Summer.

  7. Kerry

    I love your shirt. Where is it from?

  8. I absolutely love octopus. I had it as often as possible when I was in Greece, its the best!

  9. Wow that is reasonably priced! I want to go! Looks like it was a fun time.

  10. The rock candy drinks look so cute. I wish a restaurant in NC would make something cute and fun like that

  11. Those drinks look super cool!

  12. Therese

    Hey there! I’m new to your blog and LOVING it! Wow, although it makes me sound like an alcoholic, I am SO impressed by the price (and style) of those drinks! $3 for a glass of wine?! I need to move!

    • RhodeyGirlTests

      @Therese, Hi! Thanks for your comment! I am impressed by the price too- It is a special for the summer. I will be going there often with those prices!

  13. Talk about a great deal! I’m a fan of that restaurant — PhillyGuy and I got married at the Marriott, and we had more than a couple meals at 13 while we discussed details, setup and all that good stuff. I’m not usually a specialty-drink kind of person, but those martinis are adorable!

  14. Mmm, all that food looks amazing!

  15. sabrina – that pic at the end of you is LOVELY!

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