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  1. That looks like one of the best sandwiches I have ever seen. The cheese is calling my name!

  2. Very nice! I’m sure everyone was super excited to see these sammys! Great job on just following your taste buds too. I think thats the sign of a really amazing chef/cook!

  3. That looks so good, the cheese looks so unbelievably good.

  4. agree. this looks DIVINE.
    as in, i am going to have to stop reading your blog before meals, because my mouth is currently WATERING.

    thanks for sharing such a fun, easy recipe!

    can’t wait for #fitblog tonight.

  5. yum! when i was abroad (south africa), and hated all of the food, i relied on chicken salad sandwiched almost every day. i need to try this.

    dont worry, i havent forgotten about the zucchini bread recipe (ok, that’s not true. i forget every night to call my grammy), but i promise it will be here soon!!

  6. I love creating new chicken salads! So simple and always so delicious!

  7. wow, i want that sandwich right now too! looks melty, yummy, and completely amazing 🙂

  8. That looks delicious, mama! I would love to get my hands on one of those 🙂

  9. Great post!! I want those sandwiches…and some of your best pics yet!

  10. You had me at the melted cheese in the picture!! This does sound delicious…I need to remember rotisserie chickens more often! Great recipe!!

  11. Ive had chicken salad on my mind for a few weeks now!

  12. Okay yes…that sandwich looks amazing! I am definitely going to be bookmarking this! Perfect for summer!

  13. Such a tasty looking sandwich! I love dijon mustard. It really gives a little something extra to everything!!

  14. I just stumbled upon your blog and love it! I hate mayo so your version of chicken salad is right up my alley – yum!

  15. I’m trying that recipe out, that looks and sounds amazing.

  16. Lauren

    Just made this and it was fantastic! I didn’t have any provolone so I used brie instead but the chicken salad itself was yummy!

  17. Rebecca

    I made this last night, forgot to add honey, but still amazing! Thanks for a recipe I can use again and again!

  18. I love letting the food inspire me as well. Honey sounds like a delicious addition to this salad. I bet your friends were pleased with your impromptu meal 🙂

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