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  1. To not be entirely in the vacation mentality- treating yourself, yes, but not over-indulging at every meal/snack option! Packing your own food is great- saves you money and is better for your health in the end!

  2. Liz

    Packing snacks is definitely key. My main tip is that I ALWAYS pack workout clothes. Even if I’m away for a short weekend that is jam-packed with activities, if I bring them then at least there is a chance I will workout! You can always hop out for an early morning run or take advantage of hotel gyms.

  3. So you’re saying a bagel at dunkin donuts isn’t a good idea?! Ha. We are traveling this weekend to DC and I was actually thinking about how bad we’re going to be eating and how frustrating it is — I have to remember to make healthy choices! And I’ve already asked our host if there is a running path nearby and he said he’d definitely show me the way. Can’t wait!

  4. Hey girl! I traveled every week for almost a full year with my first job out of school. At every hotel, I requested a mini fridge & microwave in the room (you would be surprised how many hotels fill this request!). When I first got into town, I’d head to the food store to pick up what I usually ate and cook/eat pretty much as normal! For the trip to the destination, I’d pack snacks/meals as you did! Fruits, veggies, nut butter, and healthier bars are all great choices. For exercise, I’d try to find either local parks to run in, find out if the hotel had a decent gym, or call local gyms to see if they had day passes and what the cost was. If I was going to be visiting a specific location on a recurring basis, I’d see if they’d cut me a deal on a mini membership.

  5. Plan, plan, plan – so true! Even in everyday life, planning ahead is a must. I also think getting some form of activity or exercise while away helps me maintain healthy habits.

  6. This is so fitting for me today! I’m traveling up to NY for three days, and while I know there are a ton of healthy options there, everything is 2x the cost. My stash looks very similar to your photo! I <3 dates!

  7. Eating healthy while traveling is tough. I think bars are a great option. I also tend to load up on fruit – apples, clementines, grapes. They are easy to snack on and throw away. It at least gives you some control over your meals and snacks while you’re traveling.

  8. I travel a lot, especially internationally, and it can be frustrating. For domestic trips, especially by car, I definitely pack snacks but when traveling overseas I just wing it. There’s always a market to buy fruit or a local grocery store with some great local products.

  9. Bianca

    We are in love with special k meal bars at my house. They are low in calories and still have a good amount of fiber and protein. They are only 3 ww points! I always have one in my bag. Packing ahead helps us keep away from bad fast food!

  10. I ALWAYS pack a ton of snacks when travelling. They are also good to have on hand when you are at your destination! There were a few times on our honeymoon when some bars came in handy, esp when I was sick of eating out by the end 🙂 I always need to make sure I have some salty, fruity, and sweet options so I can always satisfy my craving of the moment!

  11. those are great planning tips! i usually just try to make a good decision at the airport, but it would be much smarter to make a good decision at home instead 🙂

  12. totally guilty of not vacationing healthy! i start off with healthy snacks in the car/plane, and then it all goes downhill once i see the beach and the frozen drinks. sometimes it’s just nice to have a break!

  13. When my fiancé and I travel to South Jersey from Boston to visit his family, we usually leave right after work and drive at night. I always pack us sandwiches so we don’t have to buy dinner at a rest stop. Unfortunately, I do have a weakness for rest stop TCBY :-p

  14. Fitting in exercise is a must when I travel. Hotels often have pools or small gyms. If they don’t, I have no problem going for a run outside.

  15. I am loving the mini Luna bars. They are packaged with 3 different flavors in each box. I keep a couple in my purse at all times. I also pack carrots and trail mix for car rides. I used to pack grapes but the pesticides scare me.

  16. Laura

    Do you have any thoughts or suggestions about snacks for the return trip? I’m a fellow fan of packing snacks for the first leg of a trip but always get a little stuck what to pack for the return if I am staying in a place where I don’t have access to kitchen tools (i.e., veggie peeler, knife and cutting board, etc.)

  17. Ok. I have to admit this here…but I NEVER pack snacks. I LOVE shelling out $4 for a water and $8 for a sandwich at the airport. Why? because its the only time I get to eat out. Really. My 9 month old is easy to pack for…some gerber baby snacks and shes done…but me, I love expensive gross airport food. Im really embarrassed about it.

    • RhodeyGirlTests

      @Mandy, Awww! you need a dinner date out!!!

      I also pay $4 for water in the airport… but I usually bring my own sandwich 🙂 Is it still eating out if you brought it yourself?

  18. you’ve got it down. I am a huge fan of this (no crazy blender moving or freezer storage in the mini fridge); this is so do-able!

    how much time do you spend away from home?

    • RhodeyGirlTests

      @Katherine, My husband and I go away for the weekend about once every 3 weeks. These days I only take maybe 2 longer trips a year. This year it was Colorado in February, and we are going to Jordan in June! I can’t wait!

      I would never be able to pack a blender or anything.. too much work for me!

  19. Since I’m a picky eater, I’m always sure to plan meals on the road at restaurants ahead. When at a loss, know what to order at the chain restaurants. A Wendy’s would never be my first choice, but if I’m there I know to order 2 baked potatoes with broccoli

  20. i always have fresh fruit with me when i travel. just an apple and an orange – i usually wind up finding stuff i can eat, but having my friends in my bag makes me feel less anxious 🙂

  21. Big, huge bags of homemade trail mix. They can always save the day. 🙂

  22. I agree planning is key and figuring out were to eat and what’s in the area. Same with getting in exercise. They key is to plan it and figure out if you are going for a run, watching a workout dvd, or going to a gym in the area.

  23. I love these snack packs. I used to pack similar ones before a long day at the University. Carrots are a great choice.

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