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  1. that’s so great that you used mint in this recipe…for some reason i always forget about it even though the flavor goes so well with so many great dishes!

  2. I think a lentil party is in order…and I’m inviting myself. I love when new/different food combinations come together to produce something expectantly good!

  3. I’ve never used mint to cook with, but I love lentils, so this has to be delish. ūüôā


  4. You have convinced me to buy some lentils! I’ve actually never made them!! I think it was because my dad used to make them for himself (mom and I were not a fan) when I was younger and I used to think they looked like bunny poop haha! Although he just ate them straight up, boiled. I like them now though! Thanks for all the ideas!

  5. i love mint! this dish looks really creamy and wholesome!

  6. Yummy recipe! I’ll have to give that a try!

  7. Oh I just planted some mint a week or so ago and this looks delicious! Not to mention…I LOVE lentils!

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