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  1. That looks/sounds fabulous! Love the avocado on top. Yummm!


  2. Recipes for 1 are so useful!! Thanks! I hate making too much and having leftovers because I end up snacking too much =)

  3. Looks totally creamy in delicious. Love the pita throw in there too. So many awesome recipes. Hope your week is treating you well.

  4. Luna

    ciao 🙂 sembra molto buona… it’s very similar to a recipe of a middle eastern soup “shouraba adas” ( my MIL does it all the time for me when I am visiting!!), maybe you know it… i like it very much ! 🙂

  5. i dont think i have ever cooked with red lentils, so i really want to give this one a try!! thanks for the great recipes 🙂

  6. You are an avocado FREAK! Everything thing you eat you have a bit of avacado in it, on it, around it. I love avocado and buy 2 of them when I am the store each week. How many do you eat in a week?

  7. I’m not over reading about the lentils! I’m impressed you’ve been able to create such fabulous dishes with them!

  8. ash

    I totally am in love with the mushroom lentil burgers and made some earlier… I can’t get enough! I ate one for breakfast with a scrambled egg white on top! Sounds wierd but so tasty!
    I am dying to make lentil meatballs now and see how that goes! Ever tried to do them?! Any suggestions?! I’m worried about them being too crumbly.

  9. I am LOVING all of your lentil recipes. I eat a ridiculous amount of lentils and never get bored with them. So tasty, so filling, so packed full of iron!

  10. thanks for the recipe for 1 plus it looks delicious so it makes it even better! The cinnamon additional sounds weird but obviously must be what the recipe needed

  11. Looks yummy! We basically lived on red lentils this winter. They are so versatile.

  12. Looks great, Sabrina! The avocado adds such nice color. I bet it tastes even better than it looks!

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