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  1. Such a great hostess! Looks incredible. Isn’t spring/summer fruit so amazing…<3

  2. Frittatas are definitely perfect for last minute brunch (or last minute dinner…it’s one of my faves!). I try to keep my house free of clutter during the week but can’t guarantee I won’t be scrambling to sweep or clean the toilet in the last few minutes before guests arrive 🙂

  3. Beautiful spread. You’re an amazing hostess. I try and do my best to keep my house clean at all times, catching up on housework before guests can be really stressful.

  4. Sabrina, the table looks spectacular! Amazing job! Yes, I wish I could keep my house clean at all times!

  5. Brunch is my favorite meal! You did a great job putting together a lovely brunch for your guests, and all last minute! I’m sure everyone enjoyed it 🙂

  6. i would likely die of happiness with this brunch…those croissants look fantastic!

  7. nice spread. a quick trip to whole foods is a great way to treat friends. you know the quality is there! i live near reading terminal and use their fresh baked goods from metrolopitan!

    • RhodeyGirlTests

      @the nosh guy, If I had time to go to metropolitan I would have. We are obsessed with their olive bread and their honey nut grain rolls (can’t remember the name!)

      • @RhodeyGirlTests, I’m so lucky to have one 2 blocks from my house. Just had their prune/cheese (danish/roll)? for the first time. It’s amazing. Their whole wheat sandwich is THE best bread. I’ve had those honey nut grain rolls – you’re right – they rock.


  8. Next time…can I come?!? And, I completely agree about keeping your house in order. I grew up like that and my house is never messy. I can’t take clutter!

  9. You are awe inspiring girl!!!

    I miss you 🙁 Please know that I’m reading EVERY time you post on my phone but it’s hard to comment on there.

  10. Just wanted to say hi – I’m a first-time commenter. Love your blog and love the salad challenge! 🙂

  11. The wedding in your previous post was beautiful. Don’t you just love weddings!! You looked beautiful!

    And how nice of you to host brunch. I love doing things for friends, especially cooking for them!

  12. I’m SO impressed that your house is ready for guests in 10 minutes. I just moved and I’d like to make that a new rule for myself. My old place was truly a disaster area…

  13. I wish I could whip up something so fast and elegant as you can… I get so stressed out when we invite friends over for a meal. Im always afraid they will find hidden dust bunnies I didn’t get to!

  14. Your table and brunch are beautiful. I always wish I could maintain my house like that. I wasn’t great at pre-dog and baby, so maybe it’s just not in the cards. But I covet your kitchen table!

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