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  1. Exciting! Love the flat shoes 🙂

  2. i bet comfy shoes are a must for something like that! looks like the best ‘work day’ ever!!!

  3. Christine

    This is such a weird question but oh well – are those flats comfy enough to wear without socks? I have to go to a golf tournament next weekend and am curious if they’re comfy enough to replace sneakers (since they’re so much cuter!)

    • RhodeyGirlTests

      @Christine, Listen. The Nike Anthena shoes are so comfortable I have them in the color above AND in black. I live in Philly, but not right in Center City, so I am constantly walking around and riding my bike. I feel like I am wearing sneakers even though I am clearly not. I have not a single blister, and I have never worn socks. I ALWAYS get blisters from similar shoes, but these are just designed so well. I could wax on and on about how amazing they are.

      Not sure where you live, but they currently have them at Nordstrom. Some of the colors are on sale for almost 50% off.

      Good luck and let me know how they go!

  4. I need those sneakers. Yes, I do.

  5. These are great tips. I’m going to print this out for a trip I have coming up to NYC. I’m taking the bus from Boston and am super nervous about all the walking. I’ll have to look for those sneakers or something similar. Thanks!

  6. All of those tips are so, so true. I learned the hard way the other day when I took the train into Philly to meet my friends for happy hour. I always know that I *should* wear comfortable shoes, but I end up opting for the cute strappy sandals instead (which, we all know are a far cry from comfortable!). And packing light does not come easy to me either :/ But doing those things is totally worth the effort because being uncomfortable during a travel day is the worst!

  7. Raz

    Excuse me…the baby ice cream is so cute. Purchased the shoes yesterday! Whoo hoo!

  8. What great tips – I’m traveling right now for about a day and already changed y shoes in the airport because heels might be cute – but they are no fun for walking long distances – and let e add, neither are flat sandals (something with cushion/ padding is a must).

  9. What a cool event! I wish I lived closer to NYC and had access to invites like that. Love the shoes – they look very comfy!

  10. Such an original and informative post–love it! I would say posts like these are a 10 😉

  11. I want those shoes! They look so comfortable!

  12. You are so right. That sounds like it was a full day.

  13. You are brave to do all that in one day! I recently had to DRIVE to NYC and back in one day from RI. The way there took me 4 1/2 excruciating-had-to-pee-so-bad-it-hurt hours in traffic and I was even a little late for my interview. It’s so much better to take the train if you can and relax a bit or get work done. Also you have the comfort of a bathroom on the train, haha.

  14. I want that mini ice cream cone RIGHT NOW! Yums.

  15. Christine

    Thanks! I’m definitely investing in a pair, I’ll let you know what I think! I’m in NYC so oddly enough, no Nordstroms around but that’s what online’s for…

  16. these are really great tips and i LOVE those shoes!!

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