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  1. These are too cute for words — and I’m sure everyone was so thankful to have these during the airport fiasco, not to mention the 12 hour ride :)

  2. Oh my God, You deserve some sort of hostess award. Those are too cute

  3. Aww, love these, Sabrina! You are such a thoughtful traveler, haha. I’m sure they loved these snacks :)

  4. What a great idea! I’m sure everyone loved this thoughtful gift!

  5. these are the cutest things ever!!! so thoughtful, sabrina! have a wonderful trip. cant wait to hear all about it :)

  6. LOVE the bags! so cute and DEFINITELY handy on long long long trips like that one you’re on!

  7. You should have your own television show about entertaining and being well. You’re like the Martha Stewart of healthy living blogs.

  8. These are just too adorable and SUCH a great idea!

  9. you are so gifted at stuff like this! i am sure everyone appreciated this, i know i would have!

  10. That’s too awesome! I’m so inspired–there really should be more loot bags in life. :)

  11. What a cute idea!!! I’m sure everyone appreciated their snacks. :)

  12. SO adorable, Sabrina! HOpe you’re having fun!

  13. you are SO awesome and thoughtful – I want to travel with you!! :)

    I love doing fun stuff like this…

  14. You’re so thoughtful!!! What a sweet thing to do!!!

  15. You are awesome :) I usually come up with ideas like that, in a “wouldnt that be nice” kind of way and never do it…you DO it!! Lets go on a trip so you can make me a snack pack!!

  16. Allie

    Seriously Sabrina… you are too cute and thoughtful!! Love this!!!

    Have an AMAZING time!

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