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  1. oh, mine does! but i’ll be honest…the colorado ones just aren’t that cool. i much prefer our Hawaiian starbucks mugs!

  2. Boston has some cute ones … that is a fun collection to start.

    I can’t believe you’ve been married for a year, that means I’ve been reading you for more then a year, crazy!

  3. What cute pictures! I love candid pictures like the one of you two on the beach… Shows such real love 🙂

  4. i love that bowl. gorgeous! kristin from iowagirleats collects starbys mugs!! she has quite a collection 🙂 love that jordan one

  5. I have a Philadelphia mug and one from Mykonos from our Greek trip. I know you can get Paris and London ones as well.

  6. Funny, but the only time I thought about getting one was in Canada… where I live… because going to the ‘Bucks overseas is crazy. When I lived in Germany, I went once and almost died: just take off the dollar sign and add a euro, and THAT’S what they want me to pay??? No thanks! But a Banff mug would make me think of the mountains and smile…

    Keep the vacation pics coming!

  7. I have a collection of Starbucks mugs. I only get them from important places that have meaning.

  8. Love big coffee mugs! What a cool idea to collect them on your travels! My older sister’s husband collects shot glasses from Hard Rock Cafes.

  9. I collect the Starbucks mugs also. It’s a great way to remember your travels and a great convo starter when it’s time for coffee at a party.

  10. mel

    Austin does. I have a mug and a tumbler. I’ve also seen them in San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas. I’ve been meaning to get a SA one, it’s my hometown

  11. I LOVE my starbucks mug collection… I love that they are huge 🙂

    I live in Portland Oregon and there’s one for our city. Three hours away from original starbucks, we better!! 🙂

  12. I collect them from everywhere I go!! 🙂

  13. Yes! Our Starbucks has special Chile mugs. The old version had Torres del Paine on it and sadly, I never bought one. The new version of the mug has Moi statues from Easter Island and scenery from Valpariso.

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