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  1. yum! your salad looks amazing! my boyfriend just moved into his apartment in fairmount and we’re headed down there tonight to finish setting up! i think this might be in my VERY near future. thanks for the rec, girl, and id love to meet up for coffee sometime!!

  2. The salad looks so fresh- I’m forwarding this whole post to my BIL

  3. looks great! we will have to stop by there soon….always looking for a great lunch spot in philly!

  4. I love that salad, it’s always a gamble with a new place. Glad it worked out for you.

  5. The salad looks so fresh and tasty, I have never seen one in a box!

  6. OMG, no wonder my pics are so awful on my site, I wouldn’t even know how to turn a camera that big on!

    Love your site!

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