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  1. I love this post. So thoughtful, so well-written, and so true. Food carries so many memories for me as well – the people, the places, the special times in my life. Thank you for sharing.

    At the end of summer, I start to crave the flavors of fall – my gram’s apple pie or chicken pot pie, roasted vegetables, and pumpkin. For now, I will continue to enjoy the freshest summer produce on the grill.

  2. I love this post :) One of my favorite meals is Pineapple Teriyaki Chicken over brown rice. My sister made this for me when I was younger and I still think of her whenever I make it :) I don’t know the recipe by heart, but the flavors are so good together and I love the sweet and salty aspect of it.

  3. My favorite food-based memory is almost embarassing…when I was a kid, I would get dropped off at my grandmother’s house every morning before school. My brother and I would have breakfast there and then walk to school, just a few blocks away. My favorite breakfast? Saltine crackers smeared with cream cheese. (I sort of cringe just thinking about this…but I get a hint of it every time I have an everything bagel with cream cheese. So delicious, in a complete white trash kind of way!)

    I highly recommend grilling corn on the cob – leave it in the husk, soak overnight, grill the next day – and topping it with butter and lime juice. Regular butter and a squeeze of lime will do, but making your own lime butter is even better – just cream together a stick of butter, a few tablespoons of lime juice and the zest of a lime. Use saran wrap to form the butter into a log and chill for a few hours, if not overnight. I’ve added cilatro and crushed red pepper to this before as well, but sometimes simple is best. Goes deliciously with anything else you might have to grill — burgers, chicken, shellfish, whatever.

  4. this post is beautiful . . . and made me think of a summer dish I associate with my mother – simple zucchini soup! she grew amazing zucchini in the garden, and would just caramelize garlic + onions in oil for 20 minutes or so, add the zucchini, salt, and pepper, and puree. So simple, but incredible with fresh seasonal zucchini :-)

  5. I just made shrimp & grits and it was a big hit. You can lighten it up very easily! I love summer…never want it to end!Please do a post on the recipe recs from this call for help! I’d love to see what everyone says

  6. Oh wow, I have so many favorite summer recipes. I think some of my favorites are grilled scallops, grilled salmon, Margarita Pizza, Corn Chowder, and bruschetta.

    But the list could go on and on…

  7. Renee

    What a great post Sabrina, I also lost my mom and smelling certain foods or tasting them always brings me back to my childhood. Coming from an Italian family we would always make the big dinner on Sundays, I remember the meatballs and gravy cooking on the stove and just the taste of them brings me back to when I was a child. One other great memory I have is when it is Easter time and she would always make rice pies, and the smell of the lemon and the citron brings me right back to her. I love the memories I made with her even though so short lived, I am so happy I can re – live them with my daughter. Maybe someday you will be able to do that as well. But for now keep remembering her and keep her memory alive. And keep smiling.

  8. Heather

    Take yourself off to Headhouse Farmers’ Market (2nd & Pine) on Sunday. Look for the crazy dude with no shoes and maybe no shirt. That’s Tom from Culton Organics. Buy some of his sexy heirloom tomatoes (ask him which ones are “the business”). Next, buy basil from the Chinese guy. That’s Ed, industrial chemist by day, farmer and traditional Chinese herbal medicine expert in his spare time. At home, make a caprese salad or a lazy panzanella. For caprese, mix chopped tomato with torn basil, sea salt, best quality extra virgin olive oil and fresh mozarella, preferably the one they make in house at DiBruno (18th & Chestnut). For lazy panzanella, mix chopped tomato with torn basil, sea salt, best quality extra virgin olive oil and torn wholegrain sourdough bread. (In Philly, can’t beat the wholewheat levain from Four Worlds Bakery, run by an ex lawyer. The guy grinds his own flour every other day.) To make the panzanella a substantial one-dish meal, add canned white beans, preferably Eden brand. (Eden cans are BPA-free and their beans are cooked with kelp rather than being salted. If you find the beans a little bland, perk them up by tossing with a splash of umeboshi vinegar (Asian section at Whole Foods) and leaving to marinate while you prep the other ingredients.) Hope you make it to Headhouse if you haven’t already. The outing is a great summer memory, especially if you treat yourself to a couple of Market Day Canele while you’re there.

    • RhodeyGirlTests

      @Heather, You are awesome! Thank you so much! I have actually NEVER been to the Headhouse Market! Fairmount has a small market on Thursdays and that is the one I usually visit. I will definitely go to Headhouse (in 2 weekends when I’m back in town) now that I know how amazing it is!

      LOVE the tips on what to buy from whom.. and Eden canned beans are my favorite!

      Thank you thank you thank you!

      • Heather


        You’ll love Headhouse! Best farmers’ market in Philly. Every Sunday from May until the weekend before Christmas. Starts 10am and ends at 2pm. Best to be there when it opens. Tom at Culton Organics grows the best vegetables in all Pennsylvania, supplies serious celebrity chefs, is featured in the current Bon Appetit and is an sweet as he is crazy. Ed, the Chinese guy, has all manner of exotic produce. The aforementioned basil is his most pedestrian offering. And Weavers Way is another gem of a produce stall.

  9. Headhouse was definitely my favorite market ;) I didn’t quite know everyone like heather though!

    so true about food and memories! my favorite thing this summer has been the savory zucchini bread i made. i always loved the zucchini bread my mom made, but this updated version was over the top!

  10. Angela

    Beautiful….I think like you….I hope that I am creating wonderful food memories for my daughter to someday look back and remember….I hope your Mom reads this and feels her heart fill with love!!!

  11. Angela

    so sorry….I just read teary eyed…..so sorry!!!!!

  12. I am totally with you …. There are so many little things that I end up indulging in.. not because I REALLY want it at the moment.. but it’s like a sense of happiness and joy inside when a certain food brings back those memories to you. Popcorn is definitely one of them… and it reminds me of my dad- who NEVER passed up the first popcorn stand at Disney whenever we went and we always shared it with him by pouring the popcorn in our mouths (while most of it went on the floor) haha….

    So, my favorite late summer dish.. That’s kind of difficult, but since it’s late summer over here, we’re still grilling out like crazy- and found that Flat bread pizzas on the grill are amazing. You can make them as healthy or unhealthy as you want. But the smells and flavors are ones you can’t beat for a cooler summer evening. I posted the recipe on my blog :) It’s definitely a recipe you can make all your own too- very simple. (i.e. toppings)


  13. LOVE this! Food/eating doesn’t always HAVE to have a healthful purpose – it can be for enjoyment, for taste, for memories.

    Have you made banana soft serve lately? 2 frozen bananas with a tablespoon of cocoa powder and chopped almonds is the perfect treat when it’s too late/you’re too lazy to go out for ice cream!

  14. Amisha

    I created this recipe off one of Mark Bittman’s salad ideas. He didnt give a recipe at all, just ingredients. Mine is:

    2 ripe peaches
    2 heirloom tomatoes with some seeds removed
    1 ripe avocado
    1/4 red onion sliced thinly
    handful basil

    lemon juice
    olive oil
    crushed red pepper
    squirt of agave

    Mix and enjoy. It is delicious! You could probably add some beans or cheese for protein.

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