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  1. i am NOT a fan of raw tomatoes, but i’ll eat them roasted any day of the week! this sounds amazing!

  2. Roasted tomatoes are SO good! This salad looks great, and super simple to make. Thanks for sharing it!

  3. This does look delicious. I have a feta question — how long would you say it stays good for in the fridge? My husband doesn’t like feta so I’d be the only one using it, and I’m afraid I wouldn’t use an entire package in time before it goes bad!

  4. What an excellent combo of flavors! And I bet the longer it sits the more delicious it becomes.

  5. Mmmm roasted tomatoes and corn are the best!! That savory sweet caramelization…can’t beat it! I’ve been eyeballing a recipe for a shrimp pasta containing roasted corn, tomatoes and goat cheese…like the beefed up version of your salad!

  6. Could not agree more. Tomatoes are amazing. My family has always grown them in our garden and I look forward to them every year. Such a gorgeous salad

  7. That combination is genius! All of my favorites in one bowl…definitely a “Must Make” recipe! Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. Stacy R

    I LOVE this seasonal salad! I am not a huge tomato fan and I definitely discriminate against different varieties, but this looks Fab! I’ll have to add it to the menu next week!

    Question, do you meal plan on a Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly? How do you keep things exciting and not eat the same thing on a weekly basis? I love cooking and I am usually pretty good at menu planning on a weekly basis, but I get burnt out sometimes and love looking to your blog for new inspiration/ideas.

    • RhodeyGirlTests

      @Stacy R, You asked, I answered. A post about what’s for dinner and recipe inspiration will be posting tomorrow morning! Thanks for asking- it was fun to get started on my “you can learn to cook” series again!

  9. I LOVE roasted tomatoes. Rachael Ray has a great pasta recipe with roasted tomatoes and garlic mashed into a simple marinara of sorts…fantastic! This salad looks divine.

  10. stephanie

    i have to say sabrina you are getting GREAT with that camera. maybe someday you can share your tips with me ! <3 (someday soon! 😀 )

    • RhodeyGirlTests

      @stephanie, HI STEPHANIE!!!

      I am waving at you!!! Thanks for the nice comment.

      To be honest, it isn’t the camera and it isn’t me. It is placing all of my food next to the window! HA! Let everyone be fooled!!!!! 🙂

  11. This sounds amazing! I have to make this next week.

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