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  1. Great tips! I love creating menus ; ) I wish I got to hear your presentation, I heard it was great!!!

  2. What a great menu! I absolutely looove zaatar bread and every time I try to make it, it’s just a disaster! I think it’s because I bought my own sumac powder and tried to do it from scratch hehe. I haven’t seen it in a mix yet!
    Sometimes for a menu theme I like picking a country, or a region and centering all of the food around that!

  3. Wow, thanks for the tips! I love your ideas for entertaining when you are strapped for time. It’s always stressful to try and determine what dishes are necessary!

  4. Sometimes I’ll host potlucks with themes. 🙂 It alleviates the stress of making everything yourself, and some of my friends are FANTASTIC cooks who love to share their dishes.

  5. You break it down and make it seem so easy and doable! I am going to try to have a (simple) dinner party before the year is over. That’s my goal!

  6. These are awesome tips. I have been trying to get better at entertaining, and I want to be a hospitable person in general. i made a new year’s resolution to have somebody over for dinner at least once a month, and that has helped more than anything. It has given me more confidence, and given me a chance to practice

  7. Monica

    this is fabulous- thanks sabrina!!

  8. Great tips! I didn’t get to see your presentation at the summit so I am glad you posted it here. That crostini looks delicious too!

  9. Thanks for posting your presentation from the summit. Great tips and can’t wait for part 2!
    I was wondering if you call zaatar bread Manoushe(plural) like they do in Lebanon? My father in law is going to Lebanon next week and is bringing me back zaatar from Beirut. (he has a layover in Amman 🙂

  10. PS: I am not sure if this is happening to just me but I can’t see a bunch of the pictures from this post?

  11. I just bought some Zaatar and am so excited to try your Zaatar Bread! Love these tips by the way!

  12. I’m just catching up and seeing this now. All these tips are making me very excited about moving into my apt (so soon!) and having people over. Btw – it was wonderful to see you mentioned in so many blogs from the HLS! Sounds like your presentation went very well 🙂 I can’t wait for parts 2 and 3

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