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  1. Mine involve my great-grandmother hiding 3 bananas from us until they were black and then reading very carefully of her pretty script handwritten recipe card to make the best stuff ever. Also burning my mouth for a fresh hot piece from the oven 🙂

  2. what a sweet memory! for me, banana bread was little mini loafs that my mom packed in our lunches as special treats in elementary school. i would open my lunchbag and my eyes would immediately go to the tin foil wrapped item that i just knew was my mom’s special banana bread. on the weekend we’d take the slightly stale bread, warm it up a little in the microwave and nibble on the steaming deliciousness. yummy.

  3. What a sweet memory.

    Banana bread always reminds me of my Abuelita. She makes a banana bread unlike any I’ve ever tried. It’s amazing. She doesn’t have a recipe but knows exactly what to throw in each time. Every time I smell, eat, or make banana bread I think of her.

  4. I love the way you eat it! More dessert like- fantastic. Banana bread reminds me of time in the kitchen with my mom. I loved waiting for the bananas to go brown so we could bake up a batch. I think the hardest part was waiting for it to cool so it didn’t fall apart when we cut into it.

  5. Banana bread always, always, always reminds me of fall. And of Bob Evans. I love banana bread. Like you mentioned above, I like eating it toasted, but I go one better. I add nut butter to it.

    And now I must thank you because I’m craving banana bread. 🙂

  6. This makes me think of my grandma’s banana cake with hommemade buttercream frosting. To. Die. For. Mmmm with a tall glass of cold milk.

  7. Banana bread always reminds me of being a kid and seeing brown bananas on the counter. Every time I saw those, I knew banana bread was coming soon!! My mom doesn’t really cook anymore, but she definitely knew how to make some good banana bread in her day 🙂

  8. Banana bread brings back vivid memories for me too. Specifically with my mom – I always made it with her and just like you I’d keep peeking in the over and slicing it while it was still hot.

  9. Love banana bread- looks good with ice cream, too! 😉

  10. Banana bread is one of my favorite quick breads to eat and make! It was a staple in our family. I can remember when I was in middle school, my mom would always have some type of snack waiting for us after school, and banana bread was always requested! ; ) Never had it with ice cream, but we love putting chocolate chips in!

  11. my mom used to always make it in cake form with chocolate chips, so good!

  12. I don’t particularly like the taste of banana bread but I always enjoyed coming home from school during the winter months after my mom had been baking some. The smell was always so homey and delicious, it just warmed the house up and made it so cozy. Ah, sweet memories!

    Quick question, how often do you visit Rhode Island? Are you planning on making any trips there soon? It’s my senior year of undergrad in RI!

  13. I love the idea of ice cream on banana bread. The memory of you and your mom is so heart warming, and I know it means a lot to you.

  14. Joy

    Ahhhh banana bread that is one of the things my mom made (in fact it was the last thing she made for ms) the other was bread pudding. My mom’s bb was the best. I have her recipe and I have made it – other people love it but I think it’s not quite right… I used to eat it sliced thin with vanilla ice cream in the middle as an ice cream sandwich! Yum!!!!

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