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  1. YAY! I am excited for some more male presence in the blog world. I’d be interested in what all he eats, it always amazes me how much food guys can put down.

  2. This new feature sounds fun! Looking forward to a male perspective. I’d love to see his recipes!

  3. Love you two!!! Seriously wish I could be in the kitchen cooking up delicious food with you guys!! I will have to share this post with Lori so she can show her boyfriend ; )

  4. yayyyyyy! Maybe just his favorite “manly meals” – I’m always looking for ideas for Josh.

  5. So excited for this.

    I would love a combination of Philly restaurants you both love as well as good meals for guys to cook. Hunni is trying but hates recipes that are too complicated.

  6. oh that is exciting! it is so much more fun when the husband gets excited about food, dining and entertaining as you do:-) I’d love to hear what part he takes in your dinner parties

  7. how fun!
    I would love to hear some recipes from Phillyboy! And also, do you eat “healthier” than him? If so…how do you find a happy medium when you cook together? That is a big problem I have with my boyfriend, so it’s hard for us to enjoy the same foods together.

  8. Tricia Kuchler

    Definitly the meatball recipe. Funny because my fiance is way better at making meatballs, too. Must be a guy thing!

  9. What a fun change up, I can’t wait for his first post.
    I’d love to hear this recipe for meatballs, and to see what PhillyBoy eats to fuel for funs. I’d also love to see what he eats for lunch everyday 🙂

  10. I’d love to hear about his own transition from how he ate growing up, to a single male, to being married to a brilliant and talented home cook!

  11. Welcome PhillyBoy! I, of course, would love to hear about his marathon training. I’d also love to hear stories about you two cooking together, how he thinks his eating has changed since you two got married, and any fun recipes he has. Can’t wait to read his posts 🙂

    PS What did you think of Eataly?!

  12. YES!!! A male!! Lord knows we need more of them in the blog world!! Welcome, Phillyboy!! And what is this meatball recipe I hear? I want! I’d love to get some male perspective on things too, which have been haggled to death by us females.

  13. I’m with Sophia! Looking forward to a male perspective on healthy eating. I’d love for him to break down how we can best “doctor up” certain healthy meals to make them palatable for the men in our lives!

  14. that’s so awesome! i can’t wait to hear from PB…i think his recipes would be the thing i want to know most about. guys tend to have a really different take on food and you’re always raving about his meals!

  15. Amanda

    Awesome! I’m training for a marathon so I would love what he eats and drinks before, during, and after a long run!

  16. I want the meatball recipe!
    They are the perfect addition to football food!

  17. Would LOVE the meatball recipe! I make small amounts of meat but I think my DH would love a good meatball recipe for pasta as well as hoagies.

  18. Wonderful! But seriously, you two are GORGEOUS!!!

  19. mmmmm … meatballs. i heart meatballs.

    yay for PB joining the party. would love to know how he feels about blogging and blogging friends and how much time you spend on the blog or doing blogging things.

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