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  1. Good stuff! I’m so excited to read more. Specifically how you deal with bad runs or days when you feel off/don’t feel like running.

  2. I am really excited for you. I like the comparison to the bar exam, it actually makes it sound less scary. Do you do your long runs alone? Do you always run in the morning? Most people I know who have run marathons have had more flexible work schedules Han you – how has that worked out for you? I mean durin the bar exam all you had to do (well all I had to do) was study.

    How can I get Mark to run? 🙁

  3. I’m signed up for my first marathon and will start training soon! I Can’t wait to read more about PB’s experience.

  4. I had no idea PB was training for a marathon! It sounds like he’s being very responsible about his training. Good luck to PB. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and tips with us!

  5. I’m excited to read more. I’m nowhere near thinking of becoming a marathoner (yet!) but I’m still interested in improving the running I can do now.

  6. Mel

    I still use HH plans, they are great (i used that same exact plan 3 times). This season I am using a hybrid between the novice plan and intermediate. I’m running my 4th marathon tomorrow and another later this year.

    I will say that running a full marathon to me is NOTHING like a half, not even twice a half (other than distance). Really no words to describe it. It’s rewarding, it’s painful, it’s long, it’s hard.

    I’ve found that before all long runs, including the race, there are several key items that lead to good performance: eating right (especially the 2 days before), going to sleep early, resting your legs the day before, eating a good breakfast the morning of. Then of course proper hydration and fuel before, during, and after.

    Biggest thing I’ve changed in the last 2 years is learning to also eat for recovery and keep on strength training.

  7. I’m super excited to read this!! I am training for a half and already find it hard to fit in runs before or after work (especially as it gets dark!). I would LOVE to run a marathon soon and am seriously considering it, so hearing about how you fit in training will be great!

  8. So excited about your debut! I’m a runner, but a slooowwwww one…I can’t wait to hear some of your tips and watch you cross the finish line.

  9. Crystal

    I just ran my first marathon and it way truly amazing. You will love it!

    One thing I did was join a pace team. It was one of the best things I did! They are free and you just find the leader and run with the group.

    It was a great way instantly meet friends and the leader (who is usually a pro) offers advice/inspiration. You are free to speed ahead or fall behind whenever.

    I learned afterwords that I should have done more stretching and core work. I came away injury free but the pictures the race sent me showed some poor form, letting me know that more flexible hips would have been good!

    Good Luck!

  10. awesome! congrats to you, PB. you’re on the toughest week of your training… it’s seriously all downhill from here. just wait until you experience how antsy you’ll be during taper time!

    i just ran my first marathon- the chicago marathon, two weeks ago. the training was tough. i was busier than ever, with full time work, and nursing school full time. all the while balancing family and friends and a relationship to boot.

    not for one second have i felt it wasn’t worth it though. just wait until you cross that finish line. you’re going to feel AMAZING. no matter what you’re time. because you’ll be a MARATHONER. and no one will be able to take that way from you!


  11. Danielle

    Excited to read about it–Philly will be my first as well and I’m also using HH’s program and working on the 5-10-5-20 week!! I would love to hear about your long run experiences and fueling–ESP during. I usually don’t eat during a run other than my gels or shot block type things but had a granola bar during this weeks run and noticed a difference in the last half of my run; can’t wait to see what you have to say! Good luck in the race too!

  12. I haven’t run a full marathon, but have run 1/2s. I am considering running the 2011 San Deigo marathon in June, but haven’t convinced myself yet for sure!

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