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  1. That is awesome. We never had dessert after dinner growing up either… ever. We never ordered dessert out either! But like you, I like having something sweet after all my meals. Your results are incredible!

  2. pants not fitting is usually my biggest motivation for watching what i eat! however, the minute i try to eliminate anything, especially sweets, i am likely to binge. i can limit them, just not eliminate. i’m really curious of how you will feel at foodbuzz with all of the options around you

    • RhodeyGirlTests

      @Lauren at KeepItSweet, I can be like that too, but in this case I am not fixating on the sweets at all. I am focusing 100% on trying to eat well for my body so that I will continue to feel great. I think at Foodbuzz I will definitely eat more sweets than I want to, but isn’t that what vacation and foodie events are for? And after I will go right back to the no sweets. I’ll definitely keep you updated!

  3. I have a huge sweet tooth too! I have a sweet after lunch and dinner right now too. I keep the portions reasonable of course, and make sure other meals are mostly healthy and balanced, but those sweets are so hard to give up!

    It’s a habit I definitely plan on working on after pregnancy. I could probably do it sooner, but cravings make me crazy right now so I feed them within reason. I don’t know if I could ever do no sweets, but certainly will want to cut back or choose more natural ones (like fruit as a post lunch sweet).

    • RhodeyGirlTests

      @Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun, Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep the portions in check. I was eating a sweet, then a snack later, then another sweet, repeat and rinse. It was a horrible cycle I needed to stop!

      When are you due? Congratulations!

      • I’m due mid January with my 2nd ๐Ÿ™‚ So ready for it to be here! And fortunately, portion control is still something I have. It could help that I have little hunger from there being no room in my stomach too though. LOL

  4. Jenny

    Good for you! I agree, it’s amazing how small changes can make such an impact. By the way, how on Earth were you able to post all those yummy looking photos of desserts on this post? You’re much stronger than I am!

  5. that makes sense. and i agree, vacations are definitely for indulging:-)

  6. In San Fran, can we please discuss how on EARTH this was possible??? I’m a total sweets addict and also feel like I need to regain some balance with it!

  7. I wrote about this on my blog last week, and I don’t think I got the point across nearly as well as you did. Sweets are good, fun, and part of life’s little joys, but they’re not an every day necessity. I’m trying to cut back on my general sugar intake as well!! Though for Foodbuzz, all bets are off. Bring on the food baby ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. It’s really crazy how addicting sugar is. I sometimes have to cut it out of of my life for about a week to regain control. Like you it all starts with dessert after dinner, then leads to dessert after every meal!

  9. Great job, Sabrina! Cutting out sweets is hard at first. I, too, was a member of the ‘sweet after every ‘real food’ diet. I think once you see that you’re fine without having sweets all day long, you will be able to just allow yourself the occasional indulgence without any effect on your body. Although this saying bugs me, at times, ‘moderation is key’.

    Way to go!

  10. Congratulations! I can completely relate. I would call myself a very “fit” person but my sugar consumption is out of control. I feel the need for sugar after lunch and dinner and have a hard time passing up sweets. Ironic I was just debating this topic (with myself of course – totally normal, right?). I need to cut back. Maybe you will be my inspiration to take control!

  11. I have been thinking about this lately, too. Lately, as soon as I eat a sweet treat (halloween candy mostly!) I immediately feel a bit sick. The delicious taste doesn’t seem to be worth that nauseous feeling and the sugar coating over my teeth. I’d rather get a natural burst of energy from yummy greens!

  12. Liz @ BLog is the New Black

    When I cut down on sugar (both “real” and processed) I lost weight, too, and my cravings subsided. I drink hot water to stay warm at work!!

  13. I had a similar upbringing, Sabrina. No sweets in the house EVER. I have found that between October and November, my need for sweets is almost like an addiction!

    Good for you for biting the bullet and making yourself feel good again! Bring back that smiley-ness. You aren’t you unless you’re smiling!

    Have a ton of fun in San Fran!

  14. Good for you! I have way too much dessert, but I figure marathon training balances it out. Still, it’s a lot of sugar, and probably not the best for me. I added new jeans to my Christmas list when I realized I have fewer pairs that still button, lol.

  15. I want to hear more about it this weekend too! I am a total sweets person and think cold turkey would have to be the only way to go to nip it in the bud.

  16. I want to hear more about it this weekend too! I am a total sweets person and think cold turkey would have to be the only way to go to nip it in the bud. What about breakfast things with sugar in it, like cereal or homemade muffins, breads etc?

    • RhodeyGirlTests

      @Marci, For me the issue is with traditional sweets… things with chocolate in them etc. I would have no problem eating breakfast foods with sugar in them, but it just so happens that my daily breakfast does not (I eat an english muffin with natural PB and 1/2 banana most mornings). ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. I love smiling! Smilingโ€™s my favorite!


    I hear you on the sweets – I have to quit chocolate cold turkey a couple of times a year. I’m usually good with a small piece of dark chocolate after lunch for months, and all of a sudden I notice that I start to crave it at night, too…and then BAM, I’ve added an extra four bajillion calories a day without even noticing.

  18. I totally notice the more I eat sweets the more I want them. Thanks for the great post to remind me I can do without!

  19. We totally all have our vices ๐Ÿ˜‰ 1 whole week without- you are amazing! Glad you are feeling better and even happier to hear you’re doing it a healthy way- in moderation! Enjoy Food Buzz- so jealous ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. I can relate to this! I think one of the keys is to not have anything in your house (which is hard!) That way you eat sweets when you are out, which is usually something more special (and delicious). It’s hard to get past the “dark chocolate after every meal” mindset.

  21. I LOVE plain hot water. Obsessed. I feel like I’m 80 years old when I drink it because my grandma loves plain hot water too haha.

    I am addicted to sweets and am so shocked/proud that you went through with this. There are days when I go through an entire eating only sweet things. Real food though for meals i.e. oatmeal, yogurt, almond butter, etc. but sweet nonetheless.

    I would probably try this for a day and see where it leads me. Not sure I’d be successful though. You are a champ. Can’t wait to see you at Foodbuzz!!

  22. Rachel S

    I am definitely a sweets addict like you! I’ve been trying to cut down on sugar, and it’s helped me noticed the bad side effects that eating too much of it gives me…like sugar headaches. I went a week without sweets last week and noticed that my mood had improved as well! I’m determined to think “moderation” throughout the upcoming holiday season, too…it seems like every year I overdose on sugar during November and December!

  23. There are many things I want to say about this, but I will stick to two. First, we never had dessert either, except for Sunday at my grandma’s or if my mom made pudding – like the old fashioned kind.

    Second, I know I eat way too much sugar and I need to stop! I think you’ve definitely inspired me to try harder. It’s not because a sweet treat is the devil, but rather because I really think it messes with my system and makes me crave more and more. Thanks for the wonderful post!

  24. Biz

    Being diabetic I haven’t craved sweets in almost 10 years – but put some sesame pretzels in front of me I can’t hold back – and its stupid because a carb is a carb!

    Have fun at Food Buzz!! Wish I were going, but turns out paying for my daughters college is more important! ๐Ÿ˜€

  25. I gave up sweets earlier this summer. I now only have dessert when it’s a special occasion, and I feel great! My sugar craving is totally gone too. I can now go into bakeries and not want to buy all the cookies, cupcakes and muffins in stock. Of course, I think desserts are still a great part of life and a way of celebrating and engaging in pleasure. But when I do eat a dessert, I am very picky about whether I think it is good or not. It needs to pass the is-this-as-good-as-grandma’s test?

  26. Wow! I don’t know if I could give up sweets. I’ve tried before and I can never stick to it. Congrats for having the ability to put your mind to something and follow through!!

  27. Great post! I never felt or slept better than when I was avoiding sugar; sadly, I have fallen into the lunch-dessert and dinner-dessert trap; but this post is totally inspiring me to get back to my no-sugar ways! A
    nd yes, I love plain hot water too, my Thea-Thea would give it us if we had stomach aches; but now I just like to drink it whenever!

  28. valerie

    Perfect timing for this post. I too have just given up sweets. A few weeks ago I just went “crazy” for chocolate. It was insane. I’ve never been a huge chocolate person but for the last few weeks, I could not get ENOUGH. My pants started to get tighter and tighter. I finally said, NO MORE.. The first few days are a challenge but then it becomes “easy”. Like many people before me have said, it becomes easier. You do not crave or need sugar once you have cut it out. I will not miss the sugar highs and lows or feeling like I HAVE TO CHOCOLATE NOW.

    Have fun in SF and enjoy all it has to offer!

  29. My first thought was that I absolutely couldn’t do it! But amazing that you can lose weight just by doing that. Maybe I could, I just have a few sticky pounds I’d love to shed.

  30. Stacy R.

    This is such a great post Sabrina! With all the candy around my house for Halloween my sweet tooth has been out of control! I have noticed that I haven’t been sleeping as well either, such an interesting correlation. Now that Halloween is gone, lets hope I can keep my sweet tooth and the desserts at a limit through the Holidays. I love baking!

  31. Sara

    I definitely feel you on the sweets after every meal. It took a while to get away from that habit, although I do have a teeny tiny bit of dark chocolate after dinner every night that I’m eating at home. What kind of/how much “sweets” were you eating before? Like, a few bites of chocolate or a brownie at a time?

  32. I’m joining you in your “diet”. I didn’t eat sugar for such a long time and now I eat it every.day.without.fail. I think it will help to eliminate it again. Thanks for the reminder!

  33. Wow, thank you so much for this. This is exactly my problem right now. In July, I gave up all sweets (even fruit) for two weeks and felt AMAZING. It wasn’t easy, but I felt great and my skin was completely clear. I need to go cold turkey again, too!

  34. Wow. I dream of doing things like that. I know that when I don’t have sweets for a while I don’t crave them…but then last night I wanted chocolate. And there is only one thing to do when a girl wants chocolate…

  35. Thank you for posting this!!! I totally relate ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. First of all, you looked amazing the last time I saw you! But this does sound like a great thing to do for your body. And giving it up completely always works best for me. Sometimes moderation doesn’t work the way we want it to ๐Ÿ™‚ Definitely enjoy this weekend though! Looking forward to catching up sooon!

  37. Thanks for sharing your story. This also sounds like something my body might appreciate. I have similar sweets cravings – after all meals, and even after snacks. It can definitely get out of hand.
    Maybe after Foodbuzz I’ll give it a try.

  38. Nadine

    I’m so jealous — you know me and sweets. I’ve always been better budgeting them in rather than avoiding them. Right now, with the kids’ Halloween candy always in sight, the sweets are winning the battle. Good for you, though, I’m glad you’ve kicked it. Dessert SHOULD be a special, occassional treat!

  39. You really could have just written the story of my life! We NEVER had dessert growing up. My mom would put 2 cookies in our lunch boxes (when she packed them in elementary and middle school), but dessert was special occasion only. and we NEVER ordered it at restaurants (although I think that was a budgetary thing). My dad is anti-sweets as he is hypoglycemic.
    But, lately, and even more since I’ve started reading healhty living/food blogs I’ve been eating more and more sweets! I recently have decided that I need to break the habit. Sugar is addictive, and I need to break myself of the habit!

  40. Allison W.

    This exact topic was the subject of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop email today – how sugar is an addiction. Its actually more addictive than cocaine! My problem is moderation, once I have a cookie, I can’t seem to stop at 1 or 2. When I do go overboard on the sweets, it definitely affects how I sleep. Its enough to remind me to be more mindful of the sugar I consume. Luckily my favorite treat is a green monster – I’d eat anything with bananas!

  41. Nice work! I plan on hopping on the bandwagon in a few months. Right now it’s like a sweet after breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. Hahaha!

  42. Sabrina,
    Thank you so much for posting this! I recently was put on a gluten-free diet and I have been over compensating for my lack of baked goods with a lot of Halloween candy. I’d love my clothes to fit better again but it’s sooo hard to give up sweets. You keep inspiring me!
    <3, Christine
    PS- Can't wait to hear about your upcoming trip to Italy… mi manca!

  43. I really need to incorporate some of your ideas as I always crave something sweet after my meals as well. I think I’ll wait until Foodbuzz is over though. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    PS- You are not the only one that likes hot water – I LOVE it!

  44. i need to do this. stat.

  45. trang

    I think I might have to start this tomorrow. Losing 5lbs was easy, trying to lose the last 10 seems to be more challenging. I also grew up with no dessert after dinner and we never ordered dessert going out either, but like you, I like me some sweets every now and then like after each meal. I do ok with a piece of dove, but that tends to turn into something more and more later on. Funny how sweets just kill your diet. Hope you had a blast in the West!

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  47. I never had desserts after dinner growing up. We would go out for ice cream on the weekend but we just didn’t care for them. I don’t even care for desserts when at restaurants. Whenever my bf and I go out with another couple…they actually order desseert/ice cream as there meal most times…maybe deprived as kids. idk lol

  48. Laura

    ahahaah! i love when people talk about frozen grapes, and they’re all “DELICIOUS!”

    c’mon, they aren’t that good. but they work in a pinch, i suppose.

    anyway, good luck, for real! i did that for a few years, not too bad.

    • RhodeyGirlTests

      @Laura, Well of course I would rather a nice bowl of chocolate mousse with freshly whipped cream, BUT I really do find the frozen grapes to be delicious! ๐Ÿ™‚

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