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  1. This is so well-written. I share your feelings exactly. This weekend reminded me why I blog, why I love food, and why I love to share it. Not only was the festival inspiring, the people were too- you included!

  2. So wonderful. I always feel re-inspired/rejuvenated when I meet other food bloggers…especially ones that are truly passionate. Can’t wait for the posts to come

  3. This was a good way to wrap up the weekend. I agree – whenever I meet other bloggers I come away with inspiration and the desire to work harder on my blog. I don’t want to become famous, I just want to provide good posts for my readers and I know I can always do better. The food was great but the people at Foodbuzz are really why I go.

    Speaking of, it was great to meet you, if only briefly!

  4. Sounds like you got all that you could out of the weekend, Sabrina! So so happy to hear that you enjoyed yourself so much. It’s what it’s all about, right?

  5. This is exactly why I want to go to one so badly!

  6. I’m glad we finally got to hang out this weekend 🙂 You are Trig are seriously the cutest couple. And I’ll be reading along in your re-inspired posts 🙂

  7. this is a great post – great new perspective on the weekend.

  8. I, too, felt a lot of emotion and inspiration — and was anxious to return home and follow the links on all the business cards I collected. I’m sorry we didn’t get to greet each other and spend a few minutes together. Perhaps 2011?

  9. i love this post, sabrina! miss you already!

  10. loved this post sabrina 🙂

  11. This is so well-written and exactly how I feel. It was surreal to be “recognized” and even more surreal to have people tell me they love my recipes…

  12. Hey Sabrina, it was great meeting you and Trig in person this past weekend. So glad you both enjoyed your time in the city:)

  13. Love this. It was great seeing you and your hubby this weekend 🙂 Here’s hoping we are reunited again soon! xo

  14. I like reading about more than the summary pics. It was my first blogging conference and great to be around people like me since I don’t have real life food blogging friends. And great to meet you, and cute your husband came along too!

  15. I think that’s a fantastic way to describe the weekend. Even though I wasn’t there I was able to feel more of it in this post than in many where the facts are recapped.

  16. Lovely post from an absolutely lovely woman. I really enjoyed your spirit in the Video session and you are inspiring to others.

  17. Great post! I didn’t attend the weekend, but I can see how being around amazing food and amazing people would make you feel this way.

  18. We didn’t meet in person but I attended the video blogging session. Thank you for sharing your passion and expertise, you were an inspiration to me! 🙂

  19. “a recipe for inspiration”… and a delicious recipe at that! nicely said 😉

  20. Love you girl! Perfect recap. 🙂

  21. Great post girl! (I hate when things get deleted!!) I know you inspire so many, keep up the good work!!

  22. Very nicely said. Refreshing to put life first sometimes- to enjoy your food without worrying about taking a picture- and to find a blogger like you who is just as lovely in person as you would expect.

  23. What a lovely post! Thanks for going beyond the recap, and trying to capture the emotion of the event.

  24. I am sorry we did not meet but I can see from your posts that our paths nearly crossed hundreds of times. GREG

  25. I came away from the weekend feeling really inspired as well!!

  26. I love this post. I was inspired reading all the recaps from thousands of miles away. I could see the excitement and the pure joy in eating amazing food 🙂

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