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  1. My husband claims to hate ricotta, but I think he’d love it this way. I’m wondering how it would be with a little parmesan added to the ricotta?? I gotta try these!

  2. Delicious and beautiful!!

  3. I love love goat cheese fritters, so I know I would love these. I just book marked. I cannot wait to give them a go.

  4. Gotta try this! What a fantastic idea!

  5. Katherine

    This post makes me happy. I want to have a dinner party now so that I can make this!

  6. This is such a great idea!
    I usually put feta cheese on my salads, but I’ve been doing this so much lately that I am actually getting kind of sick of feta. This will provide a nice way to switch it up once in a while.

  7. i have had goat cheese fritters and loved the, never ricotta, though – yum!

  8. you just won my heart, these are TOTALLY impressive! i love the sweet creaminess of ricotta…perfect for a fritter!

  9. Laura @ Backstage Pass

    I just love the word ‘fritter.’ 🙂
    These look and sound great! They’d be an elegant, gourmet touch for a lunch I’m hosting for my girlfriends. I bet they’d taste great as an appetizer, accompanied by some prosecco or champagne, too? Thanks for sharing, Sabrina!

  10. I made something similar with goat cheese and you are right – it totally makes the salad!

  11. YUM! What a wonderful recipe/idea! thanks sabrina!

  12. esther nimry

    I think these will be turning my salads into a delicious treat, can’t wait to make them for Sam and Fares. I just have to find the low fat ricotta. wish me luck.

    • RhodeyGirlTests

      @esther nimry, Good luck auntie!

      Remember the shrimp salad with a side of sliced avocado you made for me when I came to visit for Fares’ first birthday? Do you have that recipe? I think it was baby shrimp with a homemade sauce you made and it was delicious! Love you!

      • esther nimry

        Hi Sabrina,
        Yes I do remember, so glad to know you still remember it.
        I used the tiger prawn but if you like you may use the baby shrimp.
        as for the dressing I used Heins ketchup, English mustard and Horse Raddish, just mix them all together and there you have it.
        p.s. the quantities used all depend on how strong you like the taste to be, so if you used 1/4 cup ketchup, you need just 3/4 small spoon mustard and 1/2 small spoon horse raddish.
        lots of love,

  13. I loved when I got goat cheese fritters on my salads in Paris, but I would never think to do this type of thing at home. But you’re right, it’s such a great way to fancy up a salad and you make it look so easy!

  14. Oh my! I must try these!! I’ve make fried Brie and Goat cheese croutons on salads but I bet ricotta would be even better!! Thanks for the post!!

  15. ooohhhh… what a great idea! i’ll have to try this for the holiday season!

  16. I made these tonight and they were sooooo good!!! Thanks for such a fabulous recipe idea 🙂

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