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  1. I’ve never heard of chickpea fries! They look super tasty. I haven’t even cooked/baked with chickpea flour. Sounds like I better get on it. I hope you are having a great Monday so far Sabrina!!

  2. Sounds delish can’t wait to try me some chickpea fries! Have a great week.

  3. Those look delicious!! I LOVE chickpeas – in college everyone used to joke that I had a little lettuce with my chickpea salad since I doused my salad bar salads with them. This is definitely going on the to-make list!

  4. They look amazing!! I wonder if there’s a way to make them from chickpeas instead of the flour?

    • RhodeyGirlTests

      @Roni, I should have mentioned that- you just put dried chickpeas in a food processor until pulverized, then run them through a sieve to remove the bigger pieces. That’s how I usually do it since my market doesn’t carry chickpea flour!

  5. This is such a great idea! I need to try it.

  6. Yum! I’ve never ordered chickpea fries in my life, but now I really want to. I mean, they’re fried; what’s not to love?

  7. Oh my goodness, I just clicked over the thank you for your vote and for the music (Beethoven, moonlight sonata and ode to joy) and then I saw this recipe! Genius. Maybe my picky 3 year old will even eat these. Thank you!!!

  8. I love chickpea fries and chickpea fritters! These look great and it’s a fun alternative to regular fries 🙂

  9. These sound wonderful. My husband would totally go for these. Yum!

  10. It’s so true what you said about ordering these and not making them. One of my fave NYC lunch places Peacefood Cafe has delicious polenta fries. I will now try them. I too love polenta’s gritty texture.

  11. i’m dying because there are 8 hours of work between me and trying these fries 🙂

  12. These look amazing. SAVING THIS RECIPE* 🙂

  13. I live under a rock – never heard of these delightful things!

  14. First visit to your blog…aaaand I’m going to make these ASAP!!

  15. like others…I’ve never heard of these before but not sure yet if I’m ready to try them out either!

  16. Looks and sounds delicious! And I think chick peas have a lot of iron too!

  17. Oh my gosh! Those look delicious! I have never heard of this type of recipe before now and I love chickpeas. Thanks!

  18. rawan

    that looks heavenly !! yummmmmmmm

  19. I have never even heard of these and now I really want to try them!!!!

  20. Excited to try these! I’m just starting to get sick of sweet potato fries, so these will be a great swap. Thanks for sharing:)

  21. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of chickpea fries, but they look delicious!!

  22. I need these in my life asap. You are so good, as always!

  23. yum yum I can’t wait to try these!!!

  24. Elianna

    Thank you so much for the recipe I can’t wait to try making them.

  25. These totally caught my eye, I can’t wait to try them! 🙂

  26. YUMMERS! Thank you so much for posting this! I think the refrigeration is key–and getting the right moisture content to balance out. I can’t wait to hear about your Thanksgiving menu this year!

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