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  1. I would sell my soul to go to Tartine… and I would love to be at your house and have a homemade cappuccino!

  2. that is a beautiful looking drink ūüôā A good coffee drink is totally worth the splurge every now and again

  3. i never really drink cappucinos, but whenever i do i really enjoy them… perfect description!

  4. Jen

    I love iced caramel lattes as well as a hot when it’s cold. I worked at panera and can tell you if you hold the tip of the frother so its at the top of the milk but still covered by the milk you will get the best froth that way.
    by the way that coconut cake looks to die for, I just love me some coconut!

  5. I think some of the best food/drinks known to man can be found in Italy! And theres something about being in a foreign place (whether its San Fran or Milan) that heightens your senses.

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