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  1. This was really interesting to read. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kathleen

    Great post, thanks for sharing! I definitely believed some of these myths prior to reading your post.

  3. This was really interesting information! We do hear a lot about dairy and it is interesting to hear something different.

  4. Way to go Wife of a Dairyman!!

    Whoot! Whoot!


  5. Ren

    Great job- I love Nancy- so informative as always.

  6. Mary

    Thanks for sharing Nancy.

    An additional point about rBST – This is the same technology we are celebrating in healthcare because we can make insulin from human sources. Humulin insulin is produced using recombinant DNA processes just like rBST. The use of technology may be scary because people do not understand it, so it was great to see the list of how many organizations have verified the safety of rBST.

  7. Karol Jo

    After reading the details I have a few questions?—the processing plant is where a multitude of various dairy milks are pumped into. Does that facility MIX milks from multiple dairies that can have pesticides and hormones so that the mix is then cartoned up and sold? If your milk here in Novato is so well proected on the ranch, is not the MIX process diluting the purity of your production?

  8. Anonymous

    I find this blog post a little one sided and almost leaning towards big dairy propaganda, or even do I dare say information provided to dairy farmers by Monsanto, (a large bio-tech company who dominates most agriculture production in the US with their GMO products). rBST has been proven in many studies to be causing an increase in breast and prostate cancer as well as lead to early onset of puberty and obesity. To say that this is a “myth” is just ludicrous. In fact, a study conducted by Monsanto, on rats, showed that the rats did absorb the rBST into their bloodstream with the biggest concentrations being absorbed in the prostate. To say that this GMO hormone is “cow specific” and has no effect on the human body is also ridiculous. Obviously if it is effecting rats, (which are the go to test subjects for just about every drug on the market to test the effects of it on humans) it will effect humans too. Therefore saying that milk produced by treated and untreated cows are no different is TOTALLY FALSE. I would encourage readers to do their research before believing this article. There is a reason that rBST is banned in Australia, Canada, Japan, the ENTIRE EU and 19 other non-industrialized countries. If you want to believe everything the FDA approves, why not take a look at all the drugs they approve annually that then get taken off the shelves years later when disastrous side effects are “discovered”. Fen-Phen, (diet pills) anyone?

    I am extremely disappointed in this post, and would suggest to Sabrina that she do her homework before letting “guest posters” put one-sided information like this on her blog.

    • RhodeyGirlTests

      @Anonymous, I do appreciate your thoughts on this subject.

      Yes, the post is completely one sided, but that was the point. The intention was to share the view of the dairy farmer. I possibly wrongfully assumed that everyone already knows the other point of view, so I thought it would be interesting to share the view straight from the wife of a dairy farmer.

      Further, I almost edited out the section on rBST since it got a bit more technical and is highly debatable on all sides, but this is the view straight from Nancy, and it is important to know what the dairy farmers believe too.

      I do acknowledge that I should have written an intro explaining that this is the view of the dairy farmer, but I had thought Nancy did a great job introducing herself as such.

      Thank you for your thoughts on the subject though. I have mixed thoughts on cow dairy in general, but I find that learning as much as possible from all sides helps me form my own thoughts. If you would like to guest post on your point of view you begin to explain above, I would be more than happy to post that too. Please email me at sabrina@rhodeygirltests.com to discuss further!

  9. AG

    This is a little after the article was published timewise, but the title of the article is called Myths vs. Facts, which is misleading. Especially in light of your later statement that it was just a ‘view’ of a dairy lady. Shouldn’t one be assuming by the title that the dairy lady is giving us ‘facts’ on rBST.

    That was part of the problem. The title of the article implies that the facts are being presented and there is no indication otherwise until you get to the comments. You can find plenty of cigarette science by cigarette manufacturers that stated that tobacco has no negative health care effects.

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